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If you are looking to promote your brand to our highly engaged Bali-bound travellers, you’re at the right place.

Bali Buddies is a well-established insider’s guide to Bali, that helps people from all over the world to plan their Bali trip and explore this wonderful island. We provide detailed information on all things Bali. From travel tips as how to avoid Bali Belly to tips on where to stay in different areas of Bali.

As we are living in Bali ourselves, we are dedicated to producing high-quality content for our readers.

Between our website, our social media channels and our email list, Bali Buddies is a great way to reach tens of thousands of International travellers, expats and the domestic market and interested in all things Bali.

Here’s how we can help you promote your brand to our audience.

About Bali Buddies

Bali Buddies has a team of Bali lovers that produce content, market Bali and answer questions, led by the Founder Karlie Cummins.

Karlie is an Australian expat living with her family in Sanur, Bali. After 15 years of travelling to Bali as a tourist, Karlie moved to live in Bali full time with her husband and two children in 2017. 

Karlie founded Bali Buddies in 2012 and has been helping people to enjoy the best of Bali ever since, whether as a tourist or a resident. She founded Bali Buddies to share her love of Bali and to encourage others to explore more of the Island she now calls home. 

Bali Buddies is proud to work with many of the Island’s best business, support a number of Bali based charities, cooperate with the Tourism Board and act as an intermediary with the Australian media when it comes to reporting on Bali.

What We Can Do for You​

We can promote your business to hundreds of thousands of travellers each month. We make it a point to not just publish articles, but ensure each piece of content we write is SEO optimised to get to the right people at the right time. The exposure and influence we provide your brand ensures that our readers think of you first while planning their time in Bali.

Our current website page views are 30,000+. We have just launched our new site and we expect this number to increase rapidly. We have a global audience, with most traffic coming from Australia and Indonesia.

We also recently started a Facebook group called “name of the group” where people can ask and answer questions, find inspiration for their Bali travel and get help from us and other Bali travellers to plan their time in Bali.

However, we have something not many other destination marketers have; a highly engaged social media audience with a monthly reach of over 1 million! (1,8 million in November 2020, so imagine what this will be like when we can actually travel again).

If you feel we’re the right for your business, let us know your preferences, goals and budgets, and we can work out a tailor-made advertising package for you.

We also recommend you sign up for our partner newsletter below. This is a monthly newsletter specifically for businesses wanting to target Bali travellers to keep them up to date with all things Bali.

How We Can Work Together

There are several ways we can work together. Think of business reviews, social media exposure, or advertising. We are also available for paid press trips. Below are some details about the most common ways businesses like yours choose to work with us. But, as mentioned before, we are open to creating tailor-made packages for you as well.

1. Advertorial Packages

Is your business based in Bali and do you want to attract more guests to your destination/hotel/attraction/restaurant/etc? Then let us share it with the world!

We can promote your brand – whether it involves physical products, an attraction, a hotel, a restaurant, or something else. We have different packages to choose from or you can have one custom-built based on your brand’s goals.

We always take great care to showcase your business with excellence and integrity. We leverage our brand’s trust and authority to promote your business and our audience trust our recommendations.

Here are some of the benefits of our partnership:

To make sure we can promote your brand to the best of our ability, we also need to experience your brand first hand. For example, if you are a tour company, we need to do one of your tours.

Interested? Fill in the contact form below with your goals, budget and requirements and we’ll get back to you.

2. Display Advertising

We can promote your Bali travel related brand via banner advertising. Advertise anywhere on our site (will be marked as an advertisement), in our email newsletters or to our Facebook group.

Benefits of our partnership:

  • 1. Increased exposure and brand awareness
  • 2. Click-throughs to your site

Interested? Fill in the contact form below with your goals, budget and requirements.

3. Social Media Marketing

Want to reach our highly engaged social media followers? Then this is the ideal package for you.
If you are a good match for our existing content, we can promote your brand to our quickly growing social media audience.

Benefits of our partnership:

  1. Increased exposure and brand awareness
  2. Click-throughs to your site
  3. You can interact with our audience by replying to comments

Social media packages range from single posts to monthly posts and can include stories as well. Depending on your needs we can tailor-make a social media advertising package for your business.

Interested? Fill in the contact form below with your goals, budget and requirements.

4. Content Creation

We can also help you with content creation for your social media channels. Whether you’re in need of lifestyle photos or a video, we’ve got a team on the grounds to cater to your needs. We’ve got the professionals, the equipment and the models, all we need from you is the venue and the storyline.

Interested? Fill in the contact form below with your goals, budget and requirements.

5. Partnerships

We are interested in innovative partnerships with other players in the Indonesian travel market that go beyond what we describe here, including joint offering services with revenue share.

Interested? Fill in the contact form below with your goals, budget and requirements.

6. Speaking Engagements


Karlie Cummins, the founder of Bali Buddies, is not only a successful internet marketer, emcee, and travel specialist, but she is also a former teacher. She has experience talking to large groups and can present keynotes and talks at your next event.

Some potential topics:

  1. Building a destination site
  2. Growing a successful online business quickly
  3. Monetisation of blogs
  4. Relocating to Bali
  5. Working with local businesses

Karlie has appeared often on Australian Channel Nine to share insights about Bali during the corona crisis. She has also done several live videos in which she answered questions about Bali.

Interested? Fill in the contact form below with your goals, budget and requirements.

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