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Where To Catch A Movie In Bali Right Now

Where To Catch A Movie In Bali Right Now

Movie Experiences During Covid-19 Times

We don’t know about you, but we used to be regular cinema visitors and we sure have been missing Bali cinemas since they closed due to the pandemic. Leave it to the clever Bali businesses though who have created their own style of cinema to keep us all safe and entertained during this time… and just quietly, we hope these events are here to stay!! We have rounded up for you where to catch a movie in Bali right now…

Karma Beach Club, Ungasan

Karma Uluwatu, Movie Night at the Beach | Where to catch a movie in Bali right now, by Bali Buddies

Karma Beach Club is known as glitzy day club, with relaxed vibes, crystal clear water and plenty of fun in the sun. It is also offering an outdoor night movie concept that has an amazing and exclusive view, with that cool ocean breeze and the crashing waves as the backing soundtrack. Karma Beach Club movie night is on every Monday at 6.45 pm. The entrance price is 250k per adult (this includes entry and a place to watch the movie, popcorn, one pizza, and one cocktail). Come and enjoy Monday movie night with an intimate beachfront setting under the starry sky.


For bookings:



KU DE TA, Seminyak

Ku De Ta Movie Night | Where to catch a movie in Bali right now, by Bali Buddies

Strategically located on Seminyak’s beachfront, KU DE TA was Bali’s original Beach Club and has continued to provide amazing events and experiences for years. Their take on the outdoor movie experience takes it one step further than just enjoying a movie outdoors. At KU DE TA  movie nights you also have the option to purchase a menu to match the movie! The KU DE TA Culinary Cinema is a special monthly event and each month the movie and menu change. They are held on Wednesday evenings, starting from 6 pm. The matching menu is not compulsory but is excellent value for what it includes. They are usually priced around 250,000 Rp per person. December will see the movie night and menu take on a Japanese theme. Bookings are essential to secure yourself a spot!


For bookings:


Azul Beach Club, Legian


This gorgeous bamboo beach club is not just offering an outdoor movie experience, they are making Sundays become Fundays! Festivities start at Azul on Sundays from 4 pm. There are kids activities, family-style sharing meal deals, 50k Rp mojitos, salsa dancing and of course a movie in the garden. The movie here is for the kids… the adults can join too, or they can slip inside to enjoy the DJ, dancing & drink deals.

For bookings:

(0361) 765759


Canggu Camp 308, Canggu

Canggu Camp 308 - Movie Night | Where to catch a movie in Bali right now, by Bali Buddies

Canggu Camp 308 which is located on Pererenan Beach and shows movies on their rooftop with a beautiful sunset view. Everyone is welcome to join here. Movie nights are run every Thursday at 6.45 pm and entry is free of charge. You can also order any pizza for only 75k and you get Bintang, soft drink, or coconut for free! Currently, you will also receive a 15% discount for all menu items at their Sundeck Kitchen. 


Doors open from 6.15 pm and there is no need to book!

The Lawn, Canggu

The Lawn, Canggu Movie Screening | Where to catch a movie in Bali right now, by Bali Buddies

The Lawn Canggu is one of Bali’s best-known outdoor movies right now. Set on Canggu’s beachfront, facing the horizon, you can watch movies and see the beautiful sunset at the same time. The outdoor movie here starts at 6 pm every Tuesday. For those wanting a front row bean bag, there is a 50,000 Rp minimum spend. For a sofa the minimum spend is 100,000 Rp… any other seats are free (and everyone gets popcorn). We recommend the pizza and wine combo available for the ultimate outdoor movie experience! 


For bookings:


Alternative Beach, Canggu

Alternative Beach - Movie Night | Where to catch a movie in Bali right now, by Bali Buddies

Alternate Beach Club in Batu Bolong was one of the first venues to run regular movie nights (even well before COVID). With an outdoor night movie concept that is next to rice fields and surrounded by coconut trees, a relaxing viewing scene is set. You can watch outdoor night movies here every Monday and it is free entry! The movie starts at 7 pm so be sure to have your seat sorted before then. To accompany you while watching a movie, you can order popcorn for only 30k and all proceeds will go to charity.


Arrive early to secure your spot!

Yema Kitchen, Canggu

Yema Kitchen Movie Night | Where to catch a movie in Bali right now, by Bali Buddies

By carrying out a vintage home concept with a touch of Balinese interior, Yema Kitchen is a must-visit place to spend time with your friends. Here you can watch an outdoor movie every Wednesday at 8 pm. The comfy and cool venue gives all the cosy movie vibes…not to mention their food is delicious! No entry fee, just book a table! 


For bookings:


Hula Hula, Berawa

Hula Hula - Movie Night | Where to catch a movie in Bali right now, by Bali Buddies

This gorgeous and simple venue can be found right on Berawa Beach. With a gorgeous grassy knoll and plenty of places to grab a spot to settle in for a movie. The movies here take an International theme, you may catch movies from many corners of the world at Hula Hula. Movies start at 7 pm every Monday and they are free of charge. You can get a special offer for popcorn and Bintang for just 40k!


No bookings required, just show up and grab a spot!

Folk, Ubud

Folk Ubud - Movie Night by the Pool | Where to catch a movie in Bali right now, by Bali Buddies

Have you ever watched a movie while relaxing by the pool with a refreshing coconut? If you have not and very and are curious to try it, Folk Ubud will set the ultimate movie scene. Movies at Folk start at 6.30 pm EVERY DAY! You can watch the movies with free entry on the weekdays in the general sitting area, on the weekends and public holidays, this area has a 100,000 Rp minimum spend. Daybeds require a 300,000 Rp minimum spend (applied every day). 


For bookings:

Click here to reserve

Guru Canggu Boutique Hostel, Canggu

Guru Canggu Movie Night by The Pool

This movie-night is served with a debate afterwards! Guru Canggu hosts movies every Wednesday at 6 pm, followed by a debate with a guest speaker. The movie of the week and the speaker are announced every Monday on their Instagram page (@gurucanggu). First, watch the movie, followed by the speaker (who sometimes joins virtually) where you can discuss and debate. Entry and popcorn are free, but there is limited seating so be sure to book!


For bookings:

Send a direct message via Instagram @gurucanggu

U Paasha, Seminyak

Movie night a U Paasha Seminyak

With one of the best rooftops in Seminyak, featuring panoramic views to the ocean and stunning Bali sunsets, U Paasha Resort is the perfect backdrop for an outdoor movie night. Not only will you be treated to the movie rooftop style, but you will also enjoy 2-4-1 drinks from 5-7 pm and free popcorn with every drink purchase! Movies at U Paasha are screened every Friday night from 7 pm. Entry is free but bookings are essential as seats are limited!


For bookings:


Special Mention: The Ultimate Private Cinema Experience at The Edge, Uluwatu

The Edge Uluwatu - Private Cinema | Where to catch a movie in Bali right now, by Bali Buddies
The Edge Uluwatu - Bowling | Where to catch a movie in Bali right now, by Bali Buddies
The Edge Uluwatu - Private Karaoke | Where to catch a movie in Bali right now, by Bali Buddies

For those wanting a safe and private cinema experience, The Edge in Uluwatu has a  private cinema option. The Cinema seats up to 10 guests and has a movie selection of over 500 movies, but guests are also welcome to bring their own films or request a specific movie in advance.

Perfect for a fun-packed family day, or for after-dinner entertainment, The Club at The Edge has something to entertain everyone. Along with the Cinema Room, The Club also features two bowling lanes, karaoke, DJ booth & dance floor, pool table and private lounge. The ultimate private entertainment retreat! 

The details:

  • Minimum 2 guests: IDR 300,000 net per person for 3 hrs movie theatre and bowling
  • Includes a glass of beer, soft drink, or house wine and popcorn
  • Additional guests (3 or more) IDR 150,000 net per person


The one-eighty menu is available to order and advanced bookings required at least 24 hours prior.


For bookings:



Wrap Up: Where To Catch A Movie In Bali Right Now?

Hula Hula - Movie Night | Where to catch a movie in Bali right now, by Bali Buddies

So there you have it… the Bali venues have stepped up to keep you entertained and safe. We love being able to still catch a movie with friends during this time and we certainly hope to still be able to watch movies like this even with the cinemas do reopen!

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Bali Belly

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These tours are personalised and can be tailored to the item/s that your are looking for. Our agent will take you to all of our preferred suppliers and help to arrange and quote


Shopping Tours

Bali Buddies can book your half day or full day shopping tours with our experienced shopping agent!

These tours are personalised and can be tailored to the item/s that your are looking for. Our agent will take you to all of our preferred suppliers and help to arrange and quote


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