How to Spend Your Vacation When It's Raining in Bali? | Bali Buddies

When it’s Raining in Bali

When it’s Raining in Bali

How to Spend Your Bali Vacation When It's Raining | Bali Buddies

How to Spend Your Vacation When It’s Raining in Bali?

Maybe you’re familiar with the unpredictable weather of the wet season in the tropics, or perhaps you’re taken aback by the Bali rain. Whatever the case, you’ll surely want to fill even the cloudiest of days with activities that will make your Bali stay one for the memory books. Even when it’s raining in Bali.

1 – Hit one of Bali’s Best Malls

Tamora Gallery Canggu Bali | IMG_3483

Throw on a poncho and make your way to one of the many Bali shopping malls. From the sheltered yet open-air environment of the Beachwalk Shopping Center in Kuta to Tamora Gallery in Canggu (one of our favorite lifestyle shopping villages), you’re bound to fill your shopping bags. Bali malls are not only for shopping though, in most malls you’ll find a number of activities to keep the children entertained from arcades to sometimes even snow to play in!

2 – Catch a Matinee or Evening Showing at the Cinema

Bali's Best Cinemas | Bali Buddies

Big names like Cinemaxx and Cinema XXI offer multiple movie locations in Bali. Catch your favorite blockbuster or choose a new release while enjoying freshly popped popcorn in the comfort of a plush chair. Folks can also visit quaint theatres like Divine Earth Cinema Club or Paradiso for a truly entertaining excursion.

3 – Enjoy Bali’s Most Popular Theather Performance; The Devdan Show

Bali Devdan Show - Buy Tickets | Bali Buddies

Get a mind-blowing overview of the history and culture of Bali and Indonesia in less than 2 hours with Bali’s popular Devdan Show at the Nusa Dua Theatre. Sit back and relax while following the story of 2 young children who find a treasure chest and embark on an adventure.

Get your tickets online:
Bali Nusa Dua Theatre: Bali Devdan Show – USD 40 / person

4 – Check Coffee Shops Off Your Sipping List

Cakeries like Monsieur Spoon in Seminyak and cafes like Grain Bali  and The Coffee Club in Legian are at your fingertips. As such, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t spend your day amongst digital nomads, time wasters and kopi lovers of all kinds during a rainy Bali day. We all need to get our daily caffeine fix anyway, don’t we?

5 – Soak Up the Rain at Waterbom Bali

You’re already getting wet anyway, so why not take advantage of the rain and absorb fun at Bali’s premier water park Waterbom Bali? For as little as 33 USD, you and your family can access a lazy river, Funtastic playground and Double Twist water slide. To skip the entry queues, buy your tickets online in advance.

6 – Play Chef with an Indoor Cooking Class

Balinese Cooking Class | Bali Buddies

Experience a full-day authentic Balinese cooking classes in one of the island’s most sacred villages and learn the traditional way of cooking from the locals. Or opt for a half-day cooking class, including a market visit in Ubud to get the ingredients you need to prepare the menu you’ll get to enjoy after class. Whatever you choose, keep an open mind and a welcome stomach.

Reserve your cooking class online:

Balinese Cooking Class at an Organic Farm – USD 30 / person
Authentic Balinese Cooking in the sacred village of Sidemen – USD 28 / person

7 – Spend Your Rainy Day at a Bali Spa

Bali's Best Spas | Bali Buddies

Brighten up your rainy day at one of Bali’s best spas. Compared to most of the Western world, spas, massages and salon treatments in Bali are very affordable. Visit Goldust Beauty or one of our other favorite spas for a therapeutic massage or The Shampoo Lounge (in Seminyak or Nusa, or in the comfort of your private villa) for avant-garde relaxation options and beauty treatments.

8 – Find Your Zen with a Yoga Class or Eat, Pray Love Tour

Bali Yoga When It Rains | Bali Buddies

There are a lot of gyms, retreats, and hotels in Bali that offer a range of classes for every level of yogi. Who knows—the soothing sounds of the Bali rain may even enhance your Namaste. Or you can go all out and experience Bali through the eyes of Elizabeth Gilbert’s life-changing Eat, Pray, Love.

Spend a day exploring Bali through the eyes of the writer of this best selling novel and get a taste of what makes this island so special to all on a spiritual journey; a tour that surely will make for a memorable experience, even when it is raining in Bali.

Eat, Pray, Love Tour – USD 94.61 / person

9 – Visit the Escape Room or the 3D Museum with Your Crew

When it’s raining in Bali, Escape Room Bali, Totem Room Escape and more make for a brainy way to spend a rainy afternoon. All you have to do is pick who it is you want to be locked in a room with, all with the intention of escaping at all costs. A cool game that requires teamwork. So forget about the rain, get your heads together, and find your winning strategy to escape the room.

Not in the mood for a lot of thinking? Then the Dream Museum Zone (DMZ) Bali is your activity of choice. Here visitors can enjoy an experimental experience. Hundreds of 3D pieces line the walls, with many making ideal sets for your next vacation photo.

10 – Play Board Games and Shuffle Cards at the Hotel

Sometimes, keeping it simple is best. Games like Catan, Rummy, and Monopoly allow you and your friends to waste away the rainy day in pure bliss. Add a few snacks and a trendy hotel lobby to the mix and you’ve got yourself the perfect Bali day (or night) in. Forgot to put your favorite game in your suitcase? Ask your hotel, as most Bali Hotels have board games available for their guests in case it’s raining in Bali.

Book your tours and tickets in advance

Below are a few tours and activities we recommended in the article above. Book your tickets in advance and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.