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What you need to know about arriving in and departing from Bali

What you need to know about arriving in and departing from Bali

When taking off on overseas trip everyone’s worst nightmare is to forget their passport right?

Well what can be just as devastating is being in line at the airport and ready to checkin and being told that you don’t have enough validity on your passport!

When travelling to Indonesia you must have AT LEAST 6 months validity left on your passport from your last day of travel. If you don’t have this you won’t even be allowed to leave Australia.

Other things to be aware of is your VISA on arrival. When you land in Bali and walk off the plane and into the terminal you will come across is the VISA on arrival counter. Every arriving tourist must pay $25 USD to purchase their visa.

After you have your visa you proceed through to the customs counter where you hand over your arrival card (which you will receive and fill out on the plane), passport and visa. You will be given back the tear off departure card section from your form – don’t lose this, you need when you are departing.

The next stop is baggage claim and then on your way out of the airport you may or may not have goods to declare.

If you are nervous about this process or you’d just like to skip the lineups Bali Buddies offers a VIP on arrival service. This service costs $30 AUD per person and a customs officer will be waiting for you once you get into the terminal and will take you directly through to baggage claim and help you out of the airport. If you’d like to book this service please send through arrival flight details and names of passengers to Relax@balibuddies.com

When you’re holiday is over and it’s time to return to the airport you will need 150,000 rupiah per passenger to pay your departure tax. Have this ready with your passport and departure card when you are ready to go through customs on your way out.