West Bali National Park

The Wild Awaits at West Bali National Park

Not everyone is content with merely staying on the outskirts of an island, despite the beautiful waters that line it. Once you know just how deep inland Bali goes, you may not be either. By venturing into West Bali National Park by way of a two-day trekking and birdwatching tour, you may just unearth your own penchant for adventure.

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The Jungle Journey Awaits

Bali is known for a lot of things, its surf included. But the further you go inland, the more wild this Indonesian island really becomes. A two-day immersive trekking and bird-watching tour through West Bali National Park allows you to really soak up all this jungle-esque island has to offer.

Day 1 of the tour consists of fuelling up with breakfast and heading toward West Bali National Park (known to the locals at Taman Nasional Bali Barat). Before arriving at the park, you’ll get the chance to refresh yourself at Git-Git, the highest swimmable waterfall on the island, as well as the island’s largest Buddhist Monastery. After dropping your bags off via boat at the national park’s only resort, you’ll be able to begin exploring mangrove forest, seagrass vegetation, coral reefs, sandy beaches and whatever else your heart desires.

The trekking and bird watching takes place on day 2 of the tour, from 7 am to 3 pm. A professional ranger will guide you through the park, helping you and your crew to spot many of the 160 bird species that call the park their home. At the end of the day, you’ll be sent back to Labuhan Lalang Harbor, where a private car will take you back to South Bali.

Fauna worth Fawning over

The Bali starling bird is probably the island’s most captivating encounter, and it just so happens to be protected within West Bali National Park due to its endangered status. Its blue streak that appears painted on with the wisp of a hand, its white faux-hawk and its rhythmic call all contribute to its mythical aura. This bird, also known as the Bali mynah or jalak Bali, is just one of many bits of unique wildlife that trekkers are bound to meet through the eyes of a set of binoculars. This is an island after all, so there’s really no other place in the world quite like it.

While this is a birdwatching tour, birds are not the only animals worth spotting in the region. In fact, everything from wild cattle to leopard cats make their way through the forest, so you may be surprised what lies ahead.

Keep in mind before you Go

This two-day trekking and birdwatching tour is ideal for those who cherish nature, but it’s best if inhabitants are physically suited to spend a half day trekking. The tour itself includes parking fees, park entrance, breakfasts, pickup, transfers, one night of accommodation in NusaBay Menjangan Resort and a lifetime of wild memories.

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