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Bali Wedding and Event Planners

The right planner at your beck and call throughout the process makes a world of difference. With a team of experts from various Bali wedding and event planners, wedding and event prep ceases to be a burden, instead transforming into a vision you just can’t wait to bring to life.

We’re not here to tell you which wedding and event planner you need to hire. Instead, we want to share with you an island’s worth of experts, all of whom have earned their spot as a trustworthy team capable of finding the essence of love.

No event is identical to another, which makes the act of finding a planner who truly gets your vibe that much more important. This isn’t a factory gig, but rather a role suited for the creative soul. One thing you can be certain about? These Bali wedding and event planners really know what they’re doing, and they have the history to back it up.

Planners do more than just put on the show when the big day comes. There’s a whole lot that goes into planning a wedding or special occasion, and they’re there from day one. You’re never doing more than you need to, and you’ll always find support for those grand ideas of yours. For those intricacies you can’t conjure up on your own, an event planner is ready and eager to share their creative expertise.

Bali is a beautiful place, and these island-based wedding planners know the land well. Whether you’ve been to Bali many times or you’re a recent convert to the Indonesian scene, having a local do your digging will always be a plus. For occasions that deserve to be memorable, wedding and event planners of the highest echelon really write the score.

Long Table Events

Whatever the occasion, Long Table Events can put on one heck of a show. Weddings, engagements, and birthdays and are just the start.

Bali Weddings by Natalie

Big or small, beach front or within a resort, your wedding is just over the island horizon. All you have to do to find it is reach out to Bali Weddings by Natalie, and the coconut palm trees will follow.