WayAway: The Best Way to Get Amazing Travel Deals and Cashbacks

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Traveling has the ability to make life more colorful, but one’s budget usually gets in the way. It’s a good thing people can now travel and meet their budget goals at the same time through WayAway.

What is WayAway?

WayAway is a flight aggregator service that shows you the best rates to different destinations across different airlines. This allows you to compare and strategize your bookings so that you can travel without shooting over your budget.

The brilliant thing about WayAway is that the people behind the brand are actual travelers themselves. This means that they know what every traveler’s pain points are and are actually keen to solve these problems themselves.

How WayAway Helps You Save Money

The truth is, allowing you to compare prices and catch the best deals is just one way WayAway helps you save money. 

If you sign up for a WayAway Plus membership, you also get cashbacks for every purchase you make. Note that unlike any other travel deal, the cashback you’ll be getting won’t be in the form of points or miles; it will be in the form of cash, which you can use for future travels, as pocket money, or for any other purpose.

And that doesn’t just apply to flights – it applies to all other aspects of your travel too!

WayPlus users get to enjoy the following cashback percentages:

  • Up to 3% from GoCity
  • Up to 5% on flights
  • 5% from QEEQ
  • 5% from Rentalcars.com
  • Up to 6% from Hostelworld
  • 6% from Viator
  • 7% from Tiqets.com
  • Up to 7% from Klook
  • 8% from Get Your Guide
  • Up to 10% from KiwiTaxi.com
  • 10% from AirHelp

Plus, being a WayAway Plus member also qualifies you for up to 20% off on selected deals from Bookings.com. This means that you don’t just get to save money on your flights, you get to save money on your accommodations as well.

How Much Does a WayAway Plus membership cost?

A Wayaway Plus membership costs only $49.99 per year. 

And if you use our promotion code (BB10) you will get 10% off on your WayAway Plus membership. That’s a small fee, compared to the potential savings and cashback you can earn from booking through WayAway: 

Other Benefits to Using WayAway

WayAway doesn’t just tick off the basic flight prices, then leaves you hanging for all other details. The great thing about WayAway is that it also allows you to filter your choices based on your baggage requirements and other flight details like layovers luggage recheck.

You also have the option to turn on alerts in case you’re thinking of your future travel plans. They can send you notifications if there are price drops and other limited bargains you can take advantage of.

If you’ve decided to sign up for a WayAway Plus membership, you also get Premium Support. You can check for any other available services you can grab at your destination, or can get speedy resolutions in case you encounter any issue with your travel plans.

Because of WayAway’s wide network, being a WayAway Plus member feels like having a friend in any city you visit. You can get recommendations on the best places to eat and the best services to get. You can also get a good idea of how your itinerary should look like, allowing you to maximize your trip.

Final Words

As mentioned, WayAway Plus is currently priced at an early bird rate of $49.99 for an entire year and you’ll get 10% discount with promo code BB10.

So, if you’re a frequent traveller or would like to start being one, signing up as a member is a great way for you to enjoy the world within your budget.

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