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Useful Info

Useful Info

Whether you’re traveling for business or for leisure, it’s always good to be well prepared. To know how to reach your hotel after landing at the airport, to know where to get the best exchange rate, to know what to avoid when in Bali, and to know what to do in case of an emergency. To make things easy for you, we have listed a whole lot of travel tips on this page and should there be something that we didn’t cover, shoot us an email and we’re happy to answer any questions you still may have.

Arriving in Bali

Things to know about arriving in Bali On this page, we're sharing useful tips for a hassle-free arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali. One of our best tips is to take out the stress of the arrival experience by booking the VIP Immigration...

Departing Bali

Things to know about departing Bali Not something many of us look forward to, but equally important is to be prepared for your departure home. It's always better to leave with pleasant memories of your time in Bali than with a tumultuous departure. Did you...

Things to Avoid

Money Changers Dont be tempted to change your money with the peddlers on the street advertising extra high exchange rates. These moneychangers can be like magicians and magically make your money disappear! Its best to stick to the trusted moneychangers..

Money tips

Currency in Bali The Indonesian Rupiah is the currency of Indonesia. The currency code for Rupiahs is IDR, and the currency symbol is Rp. Changing Money You will always get a better exchange rate if you wait to change your money once you land in...

Travel Insurance

*** Bali Travel Insurance is a non negotiable! *** You don't want to think about the things that can go wrong on a trip, but it's always good to be prepared in case you get sick while traveling. As in Bali the hospitals follow a...

Hospitals & Clinics

BIMC KUTA +62 361 761 263 +62 361 764 345 BIMC NUSA DUA +62 361 3000 911 SILOAM SEMINYAK +62 361 779 900 EMERGENCY DEPT +62 361 779 911

Emergency Contact Numbers

Emergency Contact Numbers in Bali When planning your holiday to Bali (or to anywhere in the world), it's a good idea to prepare a list with local emergency contact numbers. Unfortunately this is often forgotten by travelers as we all assume we don't need it....

Health Tips

No one wants to get sick on their holidays here are a few tips to keep you healthy in Bali.. Vaccinations:Many doctors will give you many different opinions when it comes to whether or not you need vaccinations..


The Bali locals are all so good at English (and many other languages) they make it quite easy on tourists to holiday without learning the local language. However when you do try and use some of their language they really love it and are astounded...


Bali Weather Bali has a tropical climate appropriate to its proximity to the equator. Year round temperatures average 31 degrees Celsius. High humidity can be expected during the Wet Season between the months of October – April. The Dry Season..

Phones in Bali

Most people will take their phones to Bali and when taking your mobile phone to Bali there are some things to consider before you travel. You will either use your phone in one of the following ways during your trip, there are points to consider...