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Luggage Wraps

Do-it-yourself Luggage Wraps


Luggage wrapping services are very popular among both first-time travelers as well as travel addicts. The wrap around your suitcase not only secures any loose straps and minimizes damages to your brand-new suitcase, but it also protects your zippers from popping open during the trip. A luggage wrap also protects your baggage from the weather during loading and off-loading, and from rough handling by airport staff. Not to forget protecting you from unwilling placed items, theft, and crime. Lots of reasons to wrap your luggage, but these come at a cost. The average price of airport luggage wrapping services, the kind where they wrap your suitcase or bag with a plastic film, is $12. When traveling with a family of four, the costs quickly increase to $48, one way!

It’s great to have this sense of security, but aren’t there other ways so that we can spend this money on Bintangs and cocktails? Yes, there’s a great way to save money! SecureTravla invented the do-it-yourself luggage wrap. Their plastic wrap is ideal for all types of luggage and one roll only costs you AUD 19,90 and contains 100 meters of plastic film: this easily wraps 4 suitcases. Another benefit is that the rolls are compact, so they’re easy to bring along to use for your return flight.

The best news is that we partnered with SecureTravla. Order online and enter the coupon code balibuddies in the shopping cart to receive 50% discount on your refill wraps.

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