Travelling to Bali During Covid-19

Up to date information on what is happening in Bali during these times and how Bali is handling the situation.


Visiting Bali During Covid-19

Answering Your Questions About the Corona Virus Situation in Bali

We are being overwhelmed with questions about the situation in Bali right now and is it still safe to go travelling to Bali during COVID-19.

While travelling during these times is an entirely personal decision and totally up to you, we can give you up to date information on what is happening in Bali during these times and how Bali is handling the situation.

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Bali and Covid-19 – A Short Video

Latest Updates

Last Update: 24 August

The news nobody has been waiting for… Bali will not open for international tourists on September 11th. A new circular from the Bali governor was released and it states that the Indonesian government does not allow international tourism as of yet. In line with that, the Indonesian government also still doesn’t allow Indonesians to travel abroad. At least until the end of 2020, as Indonesia is still a red-zone in the corona-crisis.

We are expecting to see domestic tourism taking off again and are hoping that international guests can travel to the island of Gods soon too!

Update: 5 July

The governor of Bali has released a 3-phase plan to reopen Bali for tourism again. Now, this is an update we’ve all been waiting for.

The announcement was made at the end of a mass prayer in Bali to ask for the permission, blessing, guidance, and protection of God. The governor has signed the decree right after the prayer and once it’s available we’ll publish it here. In short, this is what the re-opening plan looks like:

Phase 1 – July 9th, 2020: 

Businesses open again for local people and expats living in Bali.

Phase 2 – July 31st, 2020: 

Tourism attractions open again and Bali opens for domestic travel. Indonesian tourists will be welcomed to the island again.

Phase 3 – September 11th, 2020:

The island re-opens for international tourists.

Update: 23 May

The Indonesian government has issues an update on the current covid-19 situation in Indonesia. While it’s still not possible for tourists to arrive in Bali, domestic travelers and KITAS holders are now allowed to travel again.

NO 10925 of 2020

With regards to the Circulation of the Task Force of Covid-19 Control Acceleration no: 4 of 2020 on the criteria of travel restrictions to accelerate the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) Control; Governor of Bali has submitted the letter to Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia, number: 550/3563/Dishub, of 18th May 2020 on the Controlling of Passengers at the Entrance of Bali.

Minister of Transportation of Indonesia has approved the submission of Governor of Bali, through the letter of Director General of Air Transportation number: Um.101/0002/DRJU.KSIHU-2020, of 20th May 2020 on Health Protocol Requirement through PCR test occurred at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport and letter of Director General of Sea Transportation, number: Um.002/39/18/OJPL/2020, of 22nd May 2020 on: Health Protocol Requirement through PCR test at the port.

Based on these considerations, The Provincial Government of Bali issues the circulation on the controlling of people travel at the entrance of Bali and Covid-19 acceleration Control. The policy requires supportt from all parties to effectively accelerate the Covid-19 Control in Bali. We hereby state that:

  1. Bali province apply restriction for people travel to Bali, except those whose the interest as follow:
    a. For those who works for government of private sectors, and have the interest in:
    1) Covid-19 acceleration Control Services;
    2) Defense, security and public service purposes;
    3) Health services;
    4) Basic need services;
    5) Basic Live Service Supports; or
    6) Economic Activity Support Services.
    b. For Medical Evacuations, since they need emergency health services;
    c. For individual travellers whom their nuclear families (parent, husband/wife, children, sibling) are seriously ill or died;
    d. For Indonesian Migrants Workers (PMI), Indonesian citizens and students who are abroad, and official repatriation of people with specific condition in accordance with applicable regulation.
  2. The management of I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport shall firmly control people travel, by:
    a. Allows traveller who has the negative SWAB test result with Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) method to entry and exit Bali. The result shall issued by government-hospital laboratory, local government hospital laboratory, and other laboratories referred by Covid-19 Acceleration ControlTask Force;
    b. Covid-19 negative certificate of SWAB test is valid for 7 (seven) days
  3. The management of port or sea transportation and management of waterways entrances in Bali shall control people travel by:
    a. Only allow the traveller who has the non-reactive rapid test issued by hospitals recognized by Covid-19 Acceleration Control Task Force, Health Agencies, or other authorities;
    b. The negative certificate of rapid test is valid for 7 (seven)
  4. For airlines that have scheduled flight to I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, entails to appoint officer who is responsible in verifying for:
    a. The travellers have Covid-19 negative certificate based on SWAB test with Polymerase Chain reaction (PCR) method when buying the airplane ticket;
    b. Travellers who want to enter Bali through air transportation must fill out the application form that could be accessed on website address: https://cekdiri.baliprov.go.id and show the QR code to the verification officer.
  5. For management of ferry transportation and sea transportation that is related to and/or manage the entrance of Bali, obliged to appoint special officer to verify the:
    a. Travellers with Covid-19 non-reactive certificate based on rapid test prior to release ferry or sea transportation ticket;
    b. Travellers who want to enter Bali through sea transportation requires to fill out the application form that could be accessed on website address: https://cekdiri.baliprov.go.id and show the QR code to the verification officer.
  6. For the travellers as referred to in point 1 through sea transportation and ferry transportation requires to conduct a self-quarantine since the arrival at village or other destination in Bali for the remaining time of the previous rapid test and obliged to be tested again.
  7. Head of Customary Village through Paiketan Pecalang (The organization of customary police) have to verify continuously the existence and travel of people in order to prevent Covid-19 spread as well as have to do coordination with Covid-19 Gotong Royong task force at village.
  8. For Regents/Mayor throughout Bali to facilitate and inform about the controlling people travel at the entrance of Bali in order to accelerate the Covid-19 acceleration Control to the society through print and electronic media.

This circulation letter is valid since 28th May .

Thus the letter to be considered and carried out with full of responsibilityuntil further notice subject to COVID-19 updates.

Update: 23 April

The government has issued a letter in which it announces the extension of the “work from home” mandate until 13 May 2020:

Circular Letter 730/9251/MP/BKD

Dated 20 April 2020

Adjustment of employee work systems in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Bali Province

Noting the development of situations and conditions relating to the spread of covid-19, hereby convey the following matters:

1. That the implementation period of work at home / residence is extended until May 13, 2020, and will be evaluated according to the development of the situation at the central and regional levels;

2. To achieve work targets and meet performance targets through work system adjustments, arrangements need to be made:

– Functional officials and administrative staff work at home with an assignment letter;
– To accelerate coordination in carrying out services and implementation of tasks while working at home / residence, must remain at home and other communication tools to remain active, and at any time if necessary immediately to the office ‘.
– Employees who are assigned to work at home, carry out work in accordance with their respective work plans by making daily reports and reporting work results to their respective superiors;
– To continue providing services to the community, so that each work unit applies a system of tasks in turn with regard to the Covid-19 Health Handling Protocol.
– Office security guards, drivers, cleaning services and garden workers work as usual;
– During the period of working at home, each head of work unit to ensure that employees do not take leave and going home, according to the Circular Letter of Minister of Foreign Affairs RB Number 36 2020, concerning the Limitation of Activities Going Out of the Region and / or ‘going home’ (mudik) and Leave Activities for ASN in Covid Prevention Efforts -19. If there is an ASN carrying out ‘going home’ (mudik) without permission, disciplinary punishment is given in accordance with the provisions of the legislation governing employee discipline.

Update: 2 April

Yesterday the Indonesian government has released a press statement summarizing the most recent updates in their effort to slow down the spread of the novel corona virus:

press release indonesian government regarding covid-19

Update: 31 March

Today, Indonesia’s government has decided to ban all arrivals and transits by foreigners in Indonesia to prevent a further spread of the coronavirus.

Foreigners with stay permits and some diplomatic visits will be exempted from the ban.

We’ll keep you posted!

Update: 18 March

There has been a decision made by the Indonesian government that as of midnight March 20 Indonesia will no longer issue visa on arrival or paid visa on arrival for one month.

There are other conditions for residents or other types of pre-purchased visas, but for now this means no more tourists coming into Bali on the general entry visas on arrival for one month.

There ARE options for pre applying for other types of visas, we will update details on how to do this later in the week….but most tourists come in on the FREE entry or VOA which are both stopping for a month.

Click here to see the full list of additional measures.

Update: 17 March

  • The President of Indonesia has called for social distancing, cancellation of events, school closures & for people to work from home where possible for 14 days.
  • The airport remains open to both international & domestic flights (excepting China, South Korea, Italy & Iran)
  • Yesterday there was a widespread HOAX about Bali airport shutting down – so far this is NOT the case. Bali is about to celebrate Nyepi Day on March 25 (which happens every year) and the airport does close from 6am March 25 to 6am March 26 – this has nothing to do with COVID-19.
  • Some businesses have chosen to shut for 14 days (for example Waterbom Bali) and others remain open. This is each to their own discretion. Most restaurants remain open, as do supermarkets.
  • Places such as Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore have all imposed self quarantining if you arrive back from international travel….something to consider if you are currently travelling. Also some of these countries are no longer accepting tourists. If you are a tourist in Bali at the moment you may be unaware that any of this is happening…please stay informed.
  • Gili Islands is now closed to tourists for 14 days due to COVID-19.

We will endeavour to keep you updated as things are unfolding.

The Airport

Bali has suspended flights to and from the most affected areas – China, Iran, Italy and South Korea. At this point all other routes remain open. When you land in Bali you are required to fill out a Health Alert Card and you will also be thermal scanned (this has already been in place for many weeks).

There are local buffalo, horses, pigs, goats, dogs, and more. We saw a lot of animals everywhere we travelled, some wild and some being herded or taking care of. My favorite animal sighting was when we rode past a herd of buffalos that were bathing in a group in a roadside waterhole.



Your Accommodation

Many resorts have implemented temperature checks for both staff and guests. You will find hand sanitiser readily available throughout most resort and restaurants.

What if You Get Sick When in Bali?

For sickness other than suspected COVID-19, medical centres and doctors are operating as usual. You can find a list of our recommended hospitals and clinics in our travel tips section (or by clicking the link).

Bali has been testing possible cases of COVID-19  for many weeks now, if you or someone in your group has a suspected case of COVID-19 please have your accommodation staff help you to call the COVID-19 Hotline on 112 or call ahead directly to Sanglah Hospital. Sanglah Hospital is currently in charge of all testing for the virus. Tests are sent to Jakarta and results are generally back between 48-72 hours.

Bali has set up multiple isolation wings dedicated to treating possible COVID-19 cases across their Government hospitals. We toured through the wing at Bali Mandara Hospital. This was being built as a cancer wing, but for now has been transformed for COVID-19 potential patients.



What Is the Mood in Bali Now?

Bali is definitely quieter than usual, however there are still many tourists on the Island and continuing to arrive. Businesses, activities, restaurants and accommodation remain open for business. There is no panic buying happening at the supermarkets, so far life has continued as normal in Bali.

What Can You Do to Minimise the Risk?

  1.  Wash your hands regularly for more than 20 seconds, with soap
  2. Use hand sanitiser in between washing hands
  3. Avoid shaking hands where possible (hands in the namaste position is a polite greeting in place of hand shaking)
  4. If you need to sneeze, do it into a tissue, then dispose of it and wash your hands
  5. If you need to cough, cough into your elbow
  6. When travelling on the plane take wipes to wipe down your tray table and seatbelt buckle
  7. Stay hydrated

Bali Buddies Tips

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PS. Some links in this blog are affiliate links and if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you, we receive a commission. We thank you in advance as it helps to keep this website going.

Bali Buddies is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to affiliated sites.

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