Avoid A Crap Holiday With Travelan

Travel worry-free with Travelan – your ultimate defense against Bali Belly! Clinically proven and recommended by the US Department of Defense, it’s a must-pack travel essential for adventurers. Don’t let stomach issues spoil your Bali getaway.

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We’ve all heard those cautionary tales of once-in-a-lifetime Bali vacations spoiled by stomach issues and untimely dashes to the bathroom. Now you can say goodbye to the dreaded Bali Belly and hello to carefree holiday memories with Travelan – Australia’s secret weapon against traveller’s diarrhoea! 

Boasting an impressive 90% clinically proven prevention rate, Travelan has been rigorously tested to offer you unparalleled protection. Unlike other medications that might offer relief after symptoms strike, Travelan’s antibodies neutralise bacteria and toxins which act as a preventative, ensuring that your gastrointestinal system stays in tip-top shape whilst you soak-up the sun. 

travelan medicine to reduce risk of diarrhea

So how does Travelan work its magic? It’s simple! Take Travelan before each meal or drinking session, and it’ll be on standby in your gut. When you consume food or drinks that may harbour the bacteria which causes Bali Belly, Travelan swifty steps-in, binding those harmful microbes and preventing them from attaching to your intestinal wall – ensuring that you stay at the top of your holiday game.

But don’t just take our word for it – renowned model and television presenter Rebecca Judd is a Travelan convert too! After her recent TV appearance on Channel 10’s popular show ‘The Amazing Race’, Bec credits Travelan on her socials as being the main reason why she didn’t fall sick on the show – unlike all of the other contestants! And it’s not just Bec who swears by Travelan – join the ranks of savvy travellers who refuse to leave home without it.

Widely available in most pharmacies across Australia and online, this is a definite non-negotiable to your travel essentials. But be sure to pick-up your Travelan before you leave home, as this product is not yet available in Indonesia. 

So don’t let Bali Belly put a dampener on your vacation vibes – pack Travelan to guarantee your ticket to enjoying a tummy trouble-free holiday! 

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