Phones in Bali

Most people will take their phones to Bali and when taking your mobile phone to Bali there are some things to consider before you travel.

You will most likely use your phone in one of the following ways during your trip. And there are some points to consider for each option below.

Use Your Phone as a Camera

  1. Be sure your “mobile data roaming” is turned off before you land in Bali to avoid coming home with a large data bill.
  2. If you have international roaming activated on your phone remember that you will be charged for phone calls you answer as well as phone calls you make. For SMS you can read them without charge, but messages you send will be charged at a higher rate
  3. It is helpful to download apps such as Whatsapp & Messenger to make calls and send messages back home while accessing the free wifi. Whatsapp is a very popular app that is used by almost all Indonesians, this can be helpful to have to communicate with your driver and other service providers.

Get an International Travel Pack for Your Phone

A lot of phone providers are offering International travel packs that can be purchased for your trips.

  1. Make sure you explore this option before you leave.
  2. Keep track of your data use in case you go over your limit – International data can be very expensive!

Get a Local SIM Card

  1. Phone credit and data in Bali is very inexpensive when using a local SIM card.
  2. You need to make sure your phone is “unlocked” from your service provider before you travel.
  3. Click here to pre buy an Indonesian SIM and have it delivered to your hotel in Bali

Get an Indonesia eSIM

These days if you’ve have a modern enough phone, you don’t need to even worry about a local physical sim…make it easy with an eSIM. You not only avoid huge roaming bills from your local provider after your holiday to Bali, but you don’t have to risk misplacing your home physical sim, and can still receive calls and texts on your home number. 

We have TWO favourite eSIM providers, who make accessing affordable data in Bali a breeze.

KLOOK eSIM gives you an option of buying a total data amount for your entire trip, or you can buy a certain amount of data per day. Their connection is high-speed and stable, and they have clear instructions on how to set up your eSIM ready to use as soon as you land. 

Get your KLOOK eSIM here

Meet Airalo; the world’s first eSIM store that solves the pain of high roaming bills by giving you access digital SIM cards. You can download and install a digital data pack from over 200 regions in the world. This way, you’ll be connected anywhere in the world the second you land.

Click here to get your Airalo eSIM today

Bali Buddies Tips

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Departing Bali

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Money Tips

Commission rates, exchange rates, interest rates, and transaction fees all add up to a common practice of organizing your money while on the road. Withdraw your money from a reliable ATM and, for stays longer than 1 month, open a Wise account to save on currency conversion fees.

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Bali Airport by Night

Airport Transfers

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Baby Equipment and Pool Fence Hire

In Bali we are lucky enough to have some really well-stocked companies to hire everything you need for travelling with young children. Staying in a villa and worried about the pool? Rent a pool fence for a worry-free holiday.

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