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Phones in Bali

Phones in Bali

Most people will take their phones to Bali and when taking your mobile phone to Bali there are some things to consider before you travel. You will either use your phone in one of the following ways during your trip, there are points to consider for each option below:

1. Using your phone as a camera and to login to the many free wifi spots around Bali.

  • be sure your “mobile date roaming” is turned off before you land in Bali to avoid coming home with a large data bill
  • if you have International roaming activated on your phone remember that you will be charged for phone calls you answer as well as phone calls you make. For SMS you can read them without charge, but messages you send will be charged at a higher rate
  • it is helpful to download apps such as Viber, Whatsapp, Skype and Messenger to make calls and send messages back home while accessing the free wifi. Whatsapp is a very popular app that is used by almost all Indonesian, this can be helpful to have to communicate with your driver and other service providers.

2. A lot of phone providers are offering International travel packs that can be purchased for your trips.

  • make sure you explore this option before you leave
  • keep track of your data use in case you go over your limit – International data can be very expensive!

3. Get a local SIM card.

  • phone credit and data in Bali is very inexpensive when using a local SIM card
  • you need to make sure your phone is “unlocked” from your service provider before you travel
  • Bali Buddies can have a local SIM waiting for you when you book an airport transfer with us, we just need to know the make and model of your phone before you travel (the cost is $25 AUD/250,000 IDR for the card and a data/call package – this is generally enough to last your trip)