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Health Tips

Health Tips

No one wants to get sick on their holidays here are a few tips to keep you healthy in Bali..

Vaccinations:Many doctors will give you many different opinions when it comes to whether or not you need vaccinations before travelling to Bali. We suggest talking with a trusted GP and making your own decisions.

Bali Belly: This is a long talked about illness that usually comes from bacteria found in local foods or drinking water. It can often be confused with Travellers Belly, which is caused from an increase in exotic foods and too much alcohol and food.

The symptoms are stomach cramping. loose bowel movements and often vomiting. These symptoms can clear within 24 hours but in some cases can stick around for up to week.

There are many different theories on how to cure and prevent Bali Belly these include:

  • Mosquito repellent spray
  • Mosquito repellent armbands (available in both Australian pharmacies and Bali pharmacies)
  • Mosquito repellent stickers (these are great for babies and for putting on pyjamas)
  • Mosquito coils

If suffering these symptoms it is very important to remain hydrated and see a doctor if they persist for longer than 24 hours. Be extra careful with children!

Protecting against mosquitos:In the past few years dengue fever has been on the increase in Bali. It is vital to remain protected against mosquitos at all times. It is said that the dengue mosquito is a daytime mosquito, so start the morning with mosquito spray!

Things to use to protect against mosquitos:

*most villas and resorts are quite vigilant about fogging and having staff put out coils and spraying rooms to keep mosquitos away.

Water: The number one rule to staying healthy in Bali is to never drink the tap water. Drinking water can be purchased readily and cheaply right throughout the Island and its always a good idea to carry some with you. Do not brush your teeth in the tap water or allow babies and young children to swallow the water while they are bathing.

Pretty much all of the restaurants and bars (especially in the main tourist areas) these days use safe ice and know to wash and prepare their food in drinking water only. If in doubt though or in a remote area you may want to skip the ice and salad.

Sun Protection: Bali is hot all year round and tourists tend to spend more time in the sun when in Bali than they usually would at home. Be sure to use sunscreen and remain protected from the sun.  We advise bringing sunscreen supplies with you, as it can be very expensive if you need to purchase it in Bali.

Alcohol: The problems with methanol poisoning from homemade alcohol in Bali and surrounding Islands have been well advertised in recent years. Symptoms of methanol poisoning can include fatigue, headaches and nausea. It has similar effects to excessive alcohol consumption but vision problems are experienced. If you think you or someone around you are suffering from methanol poisoning its important to seek medical attention immediately.

When drinking spirits in Bali its wise to keep an eye on where your drinks are being prepared, which establishments you choose to drink in and most importantly how much you are paying for a drink. Excessively cheap spirits are a red flag in our opinion. Spirits are expensive in Bali and generally work out close to the same amount you would pay for them in Australia.

Hand Washing: It may sound obvious but it is an important factor to staying healthy in Bali. Wash your hands before and after eating and going to the bathroom. Hand sanitiser is a must to carry around with you at all times and we also like to carry baby wipes with us when travelling with our kids.

Temporary Tattoos: It’s best avoid getting temporary tattoos while in Bali. Unfortunately there have been many cases of people having severe skin reactions and scarring from the “henna” used by the artists.