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A Smarter Way to Get Around Bali

Wherever you’re from, you know that ride services can be a lifesaver. This is just as true on vacation. When your tropical holiday rolls around, knowing how to score a lift from point A to point B is crucial. In Bali, Grab can get you there.

Grab started in Singapore, but it soon expanded throughout Southeast Asia. Now, it’s one of the most popular modes of transportation for folks who want to catch a ride, Bali included. Equally as popular with travelers and locals on this Indonesian island, Grab doesn’t discriminate—families, solo goers and groups with a party on their mind can all benefit.


Your Choice of Rides

Grab isn’t a one-size-fits-all ride. You can use the app in 4 different ways, making it perfect for tailoring your evening with no speed bumps in sight. That’s exactly what makes it such an “everyday everything” app for the contemporary consumer.

As for those options, choose from:

  • Grab Car – Call a car for you and your friends and get to where you’re going with ease. Know who’s coming for you, when, and how much it’ll cost ya’.


  • Grab Ride – If you’re on your own and trying to get somewhere in a jiffy, a motorbike is the perfect solution. Hop on the back of a Grab motorbike and watch the rice paddies, restaurants and pedestrians fly by. All the while, enjoy the sunny elements of Bali.


  • Grab Food – With Grab, you don’t have to leave the house to snag a solid meal. Have a Grab driver pick up your goodies and drop them off straight to you. You’ll pay and tip right through the app, meaning you can dig in as soon as possible.


  • Grab Rent – More of an independent kind of traveler? Rent a car for yourself or your family and friends and rely on no one else to get you where you’re going.


With all those options, Grab proves itself to be a kind of purveyor of the rideshare industry. Android and iPhone users alike can enjoy the full benefits of the app, making your trip logistics come naturally. As far as we’re concerned, the less you have to plan ahead, the better.


The Safer Side of Ride Hailing

Wherever you are in the world, hailing a taxi off the streets comes with some inherent risks. You don’t know who you’re getting in the car with, and you’re fully aware that these drivers don’t have any ties to a map. That’s what makes Grab such a suitable option for any traveler.

It’s a safer option because you have a face, name, car type and license plate number before the driver even arrives. To add to it, the drivers themselves have better working conditions. With that in mind, everyone involved can breathe a little easier as they go on their way. Since 2012, Grab has been changing the ridesharing game one lift at a time, and it shows no signs of stopping. In Bali, it really is your answer to seamless transportation.

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