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Departing Bali

Departing Bali

Please note that this information may not be accurate during COVID-19. For the latest updates on arriving and departing in and from Bali, please check our COVID-19 info page.

Things to know about departing Bali

Not something many of us look forward to, but equally important is to be prepared for your departure home. It’s always better to leave with pleasant memories of your time in Bali than with a tumultuous departure.

Did you know that the VIP Immigration Fast Track Service is also available for departure? We wrote a blog about this, so after you finish reading this page, head over there to learn more about this hassle-free arrival and departure experience.

  • When you arrive at the airport there will be porters waiting to help with your bags. If you choose to use their services they will expect between 20,000 – 50,000 IDR per bag. They will help you with your bags all the way to the airline check-in counter. It is best to negotiate the price prior to letting them take your bags. If you do not wish to use their services there are free trollies to use and you can politely say no thank-you.
  • Have either a copy on your phone or a physical copy of your flight itinerary with you. The security guard at entrance to the check-in area will ask to see a copy before allowing you through.
  • Bag wrapping has become very common in the past few years. Bag wrapping can be handy if you have done a bit of extra shopping and bought a cheap bag to bring your goods home in. Bali market bags are known for not having very strong zips – the bag wrapping can ensure that your bag doesn’t fall apart when being loaded and unloaded. Some travelers choose to bag wrap for security reasons also. The price is 80,000 IDR per bag. Despite what airport security may tell you there is no situation where you have to wrap your bag. Alternatively (and cheaper!) you can wrap your bag at your accommodation, with the do-it-yourself wraps from SecureTravla. We teamed up with them and they offer 50% off on refill wraps when entering promo code balibuddies.
  • Remember to pack any items that you will need to declare (wood, leaves, shells, feathers) in a place that can be easily accessed when you land. Be sure that all fragile packages are clearly marked and packed appropriately.
  • It is the law that you cannot take any liquid that is more than 100ml on your carry on luggage on an international flight (this includes lipgloss, gels, creams etc), even if the bottle is almost empty and holds more than 100ml you will be unable to take it on board. Make sure these items are packed in your checked in luggage.
  • Most airlines are very strict with their baggage limits so its best to weigh your bags at your hotel or villa before heading to the airport if you’ve done a lot of shopping. For most airlines, you can get online and buy extra baggage much cheaper than paying for it at the airport.
  •  There is no longer any departure tax that needs to be paid, it is included in your airline ticket.
  • There are plenty of restaurants and shops to fill your time while you wait for your flights. Lots of restaurants have spots to charge your phone and computers also. There is free Wi-Fi at the airport also.
  • Don’t buy liquid/water just before you are about to board the plane. The Bali ground staff will rope off the area at the departure gate just before boarding and have you come through. Your bags will be checked; you may receive a pat down and any liquids more than 100ml will be taken off you.