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Traveling is supposedly a fun, relaxing, and exciting activity. But let’s face it, the situation is different when you are bringing your kids along. Instead of engaging in the new environment, your energy is consumed by having to entertain your young ones or look after them. Thus, hiring nannies in Bali while exploring the beautiful province is useful for a handful of reasons: 


  • Taking care of your children – This does not mean leaving your children in the hotel. It means having someone else keep an eye on them while you enjoy the place. Benefits also include being able to sleep a little late, having even a brief ‘alone time’ with your spouse or with yourself, or mingling with other tourists without the worry of leaving your children in danger. 


  • An interpreter – Having someone who can speak and communicate with the locals is handy especially with unavoidable travel needs. The nanny can ask or give clear directions (for travelers without a tour guide) or help with negotiating for prices. 


More than that, having a nanny on your trip to Bali can be useful during emergencies. We have a separate article with emergency contact numbers in Bali, but imagine having to call for an ambulance without knowing how to speak their language. Your Bali nanny, presumably, can do that for you. 


  • A tour guide (if needed) – Nannies in Bali have worked with families traveling on the island. They have been to a lot of tourist destinations all over the country. Therefore, you can ask them for advice with your itinerary.


A family vacation doesn’t need to be a stressful one. With the help of a Bali babysitter, you can indulge in every activity that you design for your family to experience. 


Bali Buddies has a small number of Bali nannies available for casual bookings. These are all Nannies we have known and worked with for many years and who we’ve also used for our own children personally. You can hire nannies in Bali with a minimum booking time of 4 hours. 


Rates: 70,000 IDR per hour for up to 3 children.


For additional queries and concerns, you may call +61410631151 or send an email to


*We do ask that you provide the Nannies with a meal if they are with you over a mealtime.

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