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Baby Equipment Rental in Bali

Taking your little peanut to a family vacation is most exciting. This is her first time to explore the world, so you want her to have the best experience. It may be nerve-wracking at the same time, which is normal for parents to feel, but traveling with a baby just needs a little extra planning and wise decision making. That’s where baby equipment hire comes in. 

For a more worthwhile travel experience, there’s one rule that travelers follow, that is to travel light. However, when you bring your baby with you, you will also need to bring some important baby equipment. Unfortunately, this could spoil the fun and excitement that traveling promises. But this should not make you decide to just dump your travel plans. Bali Baby is there to provide you with baby equipment rental in Bali. 

Bali Baby is one of Bali’s leading baby equipment rental companies. Their website is user friendly and allows you to pay online. They provide everything that your baby needs for her first family vacation including: 


Baby Carrier – Your baby will probably spend her vacation sleeping – a lot. Since babies take a nap several times during the day, it’s handy to have a baby carrier with you. Let go of all the stress from carrying your baby by hand with the help of this inexpensive baby carrier.


Travel Stroller – However helpful a baby carrier can be, it may still be a ‘burden’ to carry your baby the whole time. Thus, travel stroller is more convenient. For the parts of your trip where you don’t need to hike up a hill, you can easily and comfortably guide the stroller around while your baby enjoys the sight of the surroundings (and not your chest).


Travel Car Seat – It’s completely general information that driving around without a car seat for your baby is a risky thing to do. However, can you imagine yourself lugging a bulky car seat? Ease out all the mess by renting a travel car seat from Bali Baby.


Travel Crib – Walking or driving around to see beautiful sites in your Bali may be tiring. So you deserve the most rest that you can get in the evenings, except if you have to share the bed with your kid. But worry not, if your hotel or resort doesn’t provide it, you can rent a travel crib for your baby, so she can also have her sound sleep while you enjoy yours. 


Diaper Backpack – Carrying your baby’s diapers and other toiletries don’t need to put a strain on your arms. Diaper backpacks are there for a reason. Aside from that, they are awesome because they allow more use of your two hands. 


…and a lot more, including pool fences


Baby equipment rental in Bali is a perfect solution for parents carrying their babies on their family vacation. Relieve yourself of all the stress of packing extra knowing that you can have all of this rented equipment waiting for you upon your arrival in your desired travel destination.

For a more comprehensive list of baby equipment you can rent, you may visit their page at or email them at

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