Airport VIP Service on Arrival – Airport Butler

Landing in a new country can sometimes involve a lot of lining up and sometimes confusion, not to mention having your hands full if you are travelling with a lot of luggage. Add dragging tired children around if you’re travelling with the family.

We recommend using Bali airport fast track service to start your holiday the VIP way. Their friendly team welcomes you, will give you the VIP treatment, and be waiting to greet you as you step off the plane.

You will have VIP access to your immigration process with no lining up. When booking a Bali airport fast track service, their team will also take care of handling your luggage.

This Bali airport VIP service is great for those wanting to save time at the airport and those with a lot of luggage and is especially useful when travelling with young children and elderly people.

Learn more about the VIP arrival service by On The Way Bali here


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Bali Buddies Tips

More Travel Tips


Bali is a real paradise in anyone’s eyes, a little less for your health if you do not take the necessary precautions! Tropical diseases exist…. avoiding paranoias, make sure you are vaccinated! Avoid Black-Henna Tattoos, drink a lot of water (not from the tap!), protect yourself from mosquitoes and low-quality alcohol, and always wash your hands!

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Bike and Car Rental

Driving in Bali without an international driver licence- NO! You should apply for it in your home country and bring both of them with you. Careful. There are shopkeepers that can sell you a bike pretty easily but don’t be swayed by them!

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Departing Bali

And eventually, your vacation in Bali is got to come to an end. Do not sacrifice all of the good times because of serious lapses of memory on travel regulations: check the weight of your suitcases, make your luggage even safer, carry the right amount of liquids in your hand-luggage, and always make a copy of your documents!

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Money Tips

Commission rates, exchange rates, interest rates, and transaction fees all add up to a common practice of organizing your money while on the road. Withdraw your money from a reliable ATM and, for stays longer than 1 month, open a Wise account to save on currency conversion fees.

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