Getting Around

Using Apps for Getting Around in Bali

Travelling the island is easy. There are lots of options to get around, and you’ll always be offered transport on the street. We’re living in a digital era though, so all of this can be arranged online. For both car and motorcycle rides you can place your order via the Grab app.

The Grab app provides set price transport either on the back of motorcycles or in cars. You may be familiar with the likes of Uber in your country. These apps work in the same way. This means no haggling for price, having the safety of a tracked ride/drive, and having the option to pay in either cash or card.

Grabs are mostly only available in the South of Bali, once you start to get up into Central Bali and North Bali you have to rely on local drivers, mostly this can be arranged for you by your accommodation.

Day Trips

For day trips we recommend hiring an experienced guide who can speak your language and knows the area/s you want to visit.

You can either get your guide to plan your day trip or discuss an itinerary with the driver of the places you’d like to visit to create the best route.

Car or Bike Rental

If choosing to ride or drive yourself around Bali it is important you carry the appropriate licenses.

When coming from another country to Bali you will need an International driver’s license for legal car driving and an International motorcycle license for legal motorcycle riding. Even though in most cases you will still be able to rent a bike/car without the proper licenses, you won’t be covered for medical costs under your travel insurance should you have an accident.

If pulled over by the police you will also face a fine for driving unlicensed. Most countries have a system to easily purchase an International license before you depart.

Getting Around

Bike and Car Rental

Driving in Bali without an international driver licence- NO! You should apply for it in your home country and bring both of them with you. Careful. There are shopkeepers that can sell you a bike pretty easily but don’t be swayed by them!

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Getting Around


Grab isn’t a one-size-fits-all ride. You can use the app in 4 different ways, making it perfect for tailoring your evening with no speed bumps in sight. That’s exactly what makes it such an “everyday everything” app for the contemporary consumer.

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Bali Airport by Night
Airport Info

Airport Transfers

Nothing like the stress of not knowing the details of your transport until the very last minute. A string of public taxis, Grab and Gojek… which one to choose? Just let it go and book your driver in advance that will be outside arrival!

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