7 Things To Do In Sanur On A Rp 100K Budget

Our perfect Sanur day on a budget of only Rp. 100k. Find our 7 favourite things to do in Sanur when on a budget.

Enjoy a Day With 100k in Sanur

We like you to be able to enjoy Bali on any budget, as much as we love experiencing the more luxurious venues on the Island, we also love the budget side of Bali just as much! Often if you know an area well enough, you can have amazing experiences and spend very little. That’s why we like to call ourselves the Insider’s Guide to Bali… so we can bring you all of these tips. Below we show you things to do in Sanur and only spend Rp. 100,000 ($7 USD). Sanur is on Bali’s East side, it’s an area popular with expat families (we are one of them), and tourists wise it generally draws the family and older crowds. It’s not a place to party, but it has a great village vibe and a beautiful, calm beach. The locals and foreigners are always seen mixing in Sanur and there is always a relaxed atmosphere. You can have delicious food experiences in Sanur too! Here’s how to enjoy a day in Sanur on Rp. 100k….

Take In A Gorgeous Sanur Sunris

Sunrise in Sanur

Being on the East coast, Sanur misses out on seeing Bali’s famous sunsets, but it is rewarded with spectacular sunrises. It is well worth an early start to get down to Sanur beach and enjoy this gorgeous sight. You won’t be alone, Sanur attracts many early risers on the beach, either just taking in the sunrise or getting their morning exercise in. The sunrise can be seen right along the 7km beach track stretch; watch it rise over the silhouettes of the traditional boats that line the waters here in Sanur. Arguably one of the best things to do in Sanur, and best of all: it’s free!


Join The Morning Yoga Class

Every morning on the beach in Sanur there is a free yoga class at 7.30 am. This class attracts locals, expats and tourists and is a great way to start the morning. Just arrive with a mat or a towel and join in. The class lasts for around an hour and is instructed in Bahasa Indonesia (don’t worry if you don’t speak Indonesian though, it’s very easy to follow along). Find the yoga lesson on Pantai Karang (access via Jalan Pantai Karang), look for others joining the class or ask the locals, they will point you in the right direction. There are no signs but it happens every morning except on Hindu Holy days.


Enjoy A Morning Coffee At Kopi Kiosk

If you love good coffee like us, you can’t go past the coffee at Kopi Kiosk on Jalan Danau Tamblingan (there is also another Kopi Kiosk on the beach too, but we always go to this one). This coffee shop is a huge favourite, especially among expats in the area, and can’t be missed in this round-up of things to do in Sanur. The coffee is fantastic and if you sit on the bench seats near the counters, you will more than likely meet some new friends who are also enjoying their morning coffee. Depending on what type of coffee you drink, they start from just 25k net and will please even the pickiest caffeine connoisseurs.

COST: 25,000 Rp

Hire A Bike And Take A Ride Along The Beach Path

One of Sanur’s biggest drawcards is its lovely beach path. Only walking or cycling is allowed along this path, so it’s safe for young and old. It stretches for 7km and the beach in front is calm and perfect for taking a swim in. The waters are blue and you’ll often find all sorts of sea creatures when you take a dip. We love exploring this path on bicycles (a walk is lovely too but takes much longer!). Along this path, you’ll see the landscape change from resorts to warungs to restaurants to market stalls to the fast boat area that takes guests to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida.

We recommend spending a couple of hours on your bike riding along this path, you’ll get to see a lot of Sanur! If you ride far enough to the North you may also like to take a riding break and explore the spooky abandoned theme park Taman Festival. You can hire bicycles in lots of different shops and also along the beach in Sanur. For the purposes of this itinerary, we suggest hiring them from the small homestay in Jalan Duyang, as you’ll come back to this area for lunch and it makes for an easy drop off! Bicycles can be rented for 5k an hour or 25k for a full day. For this itinerary we suggest renting the bicycle for three hours, you can also get bicycles with baby seats on them too and different sized bikes.

COST: 15,000 Rp

Enjoy Nasi Campur At Warung Kecil

Once you are back from your bike ride, you are going to have built up an appetite. If you are dropping your bicycle back on Jalan Duyang, then you are in the perfect position to enjoy lunch at Sanur’s famous Warung Kecil. Like its name states it is a small warung, that packs a powerful punch when it comes to offering delicious food. Recently their popularity has peaked and they’ve opened a larger venue with the same delicious food on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai in Sanur too! This restaurant is famous for its nasi campur, but they also have other menu items to choose from, including delicious paninis. There are different-sized packet options when it comes to choosing your nasi campur, we love rice (choose from white, yellow or brown rice), meat and two vegs, which costs 30k and give generous portion sizes.

COST: 30,000 Rp

Take Your Insta Pics In Gorgeous Doorways

Picture perfect Instagram pics can’t miss on your list of things to do in Sanur. Along the beach and especially along Jalan Duyang, you’ll find gorgeous doorways to frame your perfect Insta shots to keep your memories of Sanur forever! There are photo opportunities all over Sanur, the old-school Balinese charm shines through on every street. We especially love some of the gorgeous doorways you can find though, from traditional Balinese carved doorways to doorways framed by beautiful flowers and plants, you are sure to find your perfect photo moment in Sanur.


Indulge in Massimo’s Famous Gelato

A Sanur icon on Jalan Danau Tamblingan is Massimo’s Italian Restaurant. The front of the restaurant is home to their famous gelato bar. During the evening you will often find a large lineup of people queuing for their gelato fix, during the day, however, is when you won’t have to queue. Choose from dozens of flavours of gelato, purchase a small cup (which trust us, is not small at all… we often share one!) in which you can choose two flavours… it is only 20k! This is the sweetest way to end your Sanur day… and the most delicious too.

COST: 20,000 Rp

Final Words: 7 Things to do in Sanur on a Rp. 100k Budget

So there you have it, our perfect Sanur day on 100k (well less actually, we only ended up spending 90k… so you can add yourself a delicious treat on the beach for breakfast too if you like, from the many local sellers!). We love Sanur and although it doesn’t get the hype that some of the other areas of Bali get, it’s well worth adding to your Bali itinerary. If you live in Bali and haven’t explored Sanur yet, you need to get yourself over here for a seaside adventure.

Stay tuned for more in our series of enjoy a day with 100k… which area should we choose next?

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PS. Some links in this blog are affiliate links and if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you, we receive a commission. We thank you in advance as it helps to keep this website going.

Bali Buddies is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to affiliated sites.

For more information, please visit our disclaimer page.

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