Shhh…Bali’s best kept secret is out – The Secret Society App has officially launched on the island!

Bali’s best kept secret is out! The Secret Society app connects influencers with collaboration opportunities across Bali. Join now for exclusive events, dining, and more.

Picking on an event on the secret society app

Do you love social media &  fancy yourself as an influencer, content creator, vibe-maker or model? Launching in Bali this month The Secret Society app, an app connecting people in Bali with collaboration opportunities right across the island. 

Enjoying breakfast in the morning in a luxury villa with the secret society app

What isn’t a secret is that social exposure and creative content is one of the world’s biggest currencies right now in marketing and promotion for businesses. Apps like Instagram and TikTok have changed the game when it comes to how to get people to know about a business, service or product. The Secret Society app is a digital solution to connect the right people with businesses when it comes to their digital presence. 

Launched in Dubai 7 years ago, The Secret Society app has had huge success already…so much success that now the app is being launched across the world. Now it’s time for Bali to have access to this app!

Businesses in Bali often need a crowd at events, or someone to photograph in their venue, or just to spread the word about their business, and this is exactly what the app does, connect the right people with the right businesses, seamlessly and a touch of your phone. 

Who can join The Secret Society?

main interface of the secret society app

Anyone with an Instagram account can apply to The Secret Society app. When you apply, the TSS team will analyse your Instagram profile and based on the potential of your audience, engagement  and the types of content you post, they will decide if you are accepted into the app.

What do I need to apply?

scrolling on the secret society app

You need to have an active Instagram profile and at least three images of yourself to upload. 

What benefits do I get if I get accepted to The Secret Society app in Bali?

Events for you page on The Secret Society App

Once you find something on the app you are interested in doing, you will apply and wait to be invited, you will then be given a QR to present when you arrive, it’s that easy! On the app you will have access to a range of activities from tickets to events, brunches, spa experiences, dining, stays, sunset cocktails, day trips and more. Basically if it happens in Bali, you will see it on the app.

What do I need to do when I attend something from the app?

Attending an event with the secret society app

Different businesses will have different requirements. Some may ask you to create a reel, post stories, or just generally be present to create a vibe at an event. Requirements will be listed clearly in the app before you request an opportunity advertised. 

Why is the app good for Bali businesses?

Enjoying cocktails with friends with the secret society app

For years Bali businesses have had staff reaching out to different accounts to ask them to come and try their venues, activities or services…this is nothing new. What The Secret Society app does is automate this process and give businesses a much higher visibility to the accounts they want to collaborate with. Another bonus for businesses is that each “user” will be rated on their delivery from each experience they do. This means businesses can ensure the ease and quality of the collaborations they accept. 

So what are you waiting for? 

enjoying cocktails in a beach club with the secret society

The Secret Society is LIVE and operational in Bali right now! There are venues and experiences being added to the app daily. If this sounds like you APPLY HERE

If you are a Bali Business interested in featuring collaboration opportunities on the app, you can reach out to Josh on [email protected] or via Whatsapp on +61413431836.

When it comes to The Secret Society – YOU are the secret! 

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