The Purist Villas & Spa: Ubud’s artistic and cultural escape

Discover The Purist Villas & Spa in Ubud, where nature, Indonesian artistry, and European elegance create a serene and culturally rich escape.

Limasan Terrace at The Purist Villas & Spa

Ubud is known for its vibrant art scene, music performances and awe-inspiring festivals, offering a unique travel experience. Amidst the artistic and culturally rich charms of the town, The Purist Villas & Spa provides the perfect living space, blending nature and traditional Indonesian art with contemporary European style.

The Purist Villas & Spa is situated 1.5 km north of central Ubud, on the edge of a river valley. Despite its secluded charm, the boutique resort is easily accessed by those seeking a more tranquil escape.

Founded by art connoisseurs Yvonne Hulst and Alberto Cortes 15 years ago, this boutique resort in Ubud beautifully combines Indonesian traditions with stylish European design, making it an excellent place for culturally curious souls.

2 Bedroom Villa on the hill at The Purist Villas & Spa

The resort’s walkways resemble an outdoor fine art gallery, highlighting traditional wood, stone carvings and rare statues sourced from Indonesia’s outer islands. Tall duck egg blue walls, cascading ferns and a serene rivulet flow through the intimate grounds, adding to its unique charms.

The Purist features 18 individually-styled lavish villas, with each element used in the boutique resort showcasing true artisanship and creativity. The details reflect the founder’s vision to merge high-end hospitality with the archipelago’s extraordinary cultural diversity. They sincerely hope guests can connect with Bali and Indonesia’s spiritual and artistic traditions while also experiencing a luxurious stay.

Bedroom Villa on the hill at The Purist Villas & Spa

Mornings at The Purist Villas & Spa are filled with the healing sound of birds and nature, creating a serene atmosphere. In addition, guests can kickstart the day with a complimentary one-hour yoga session at the elevated yoga pavilion.

Meanwhile, the verdant backdrop of bamboo thickets and frangipanis in full bloom provide a relaxing ambience for The Purist Spa’s signature spa treatments, including Southeast Asia’s most trusted techniques performed by skilled therapists.

Main pool at The Purist Villas & Spa

Indulge in the perfect balance of tropical warmth in the afternoon breeze at Balisimo, with a complimentary afternoon tea. Local and international delicacies await within the dining venue’s terracotta accents, accompanied by jazz and bossa nova tunes by the main pool and river valley. Authentic Balinese and Indonesian dishes are the main stars of the menu, with each delicacy telling a story of the archipelago’s rich culinary heritage.

Joglo Bedroom North at The Purist Villas & Spa

The Purist is deeply committed to supporting local communities and contributing to sustainable tourism. In line with this dedication, guests staying at The Purist can also partake in complimentary locally sourced refreshments, like tempting nuts from YAVA (formerly East Bali Cashew Company) and nutritious tempe chips from Tempe Man. 

Not only does The Purist showcase refined artistry and gastronomy, but it also encourages guests to learn about Bali’s time-honoured traditions through daily cultural activities that nourish the mind, body and soul. These activities include crafting canang sari or Balinese offerings to the gods, and the magnificent multi-tiered gebogan used for ceremonies. 

Joglo Bedroom South at The Purist Villas & Spa

Guests can enjoy leisurely strolls around The Purist – exploring ancient temples, emerald rice fields and Ubud’s main street with its diverse attractions. Alternatively, if you prefer to see more in Ubud, you can take advantage of the complimentary shuttle service!

Embark on a rich journey into the art and customs of the archipelago in this modern luxury haven!

For more information and reservations, visit The Purist Villas & Spa’s official website.

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