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Irresistible Nyepi Deals in 2024

Whilst we finish crafting the best Nyepi deals for 2024, let’s relive the magic of last year’s 2023 magical celebrations. It’s the perfect way to anticipate what’s in store and begin to plan your ultimate ‘staycation’ indulgence in paradise. Stay tuned for updates on the latest 2024 Nyepi promotions – coming soon!

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Temple of Bali with sunset in the background

What is the new Bali Tourism Levy 2024?

Most of us have already fallen in love with the vibrant local culture and breathtaking natural beauty of Bali. The government of the Province of Bali is pro-actively working to preserve the cultural legacy as well as the environmental sustainability of everyone’s favourite holiday island.

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Supermarkets In Bali

No matter how prepared you may be, just when you think you’ve left behind all of your everyday adulting responsibilities to relax on a well-deserved holiday, an unexpected supermarket emergency always tends to arise. Fortunately, armed with this handy list of Bali supermarkets, you’ll be prepared to navigate any last-minute dashes to the store totally hassle-free!

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