Syrco BASÈ introduces new Michelin-star style menus, presenting Indonesia’s artisans, culinary traditions and exciting future

Syrco BASÈ in Ubud introduces new Michelin-star style menus by Chef Syrco Bakker, celebrating Indonesia’s culinary traditions and future.

Grouper dish by SYRCO Base

Pioneering Ubud culinary hub Syrco BASÈ, unveils fresh new delights in response to the shifting seasons. Experience the innovative gastronomic experience by the two Michelin-starred Chef Syrco Bakker!

Following its grand debut in Indonesia, specifically north Ubud’s dining scene, Syrco BASÈ unveils its latest menus. For these novel dishes, two Michelin-starred Chef Syrco Bakker, focuses even more on Bali’s artisans and the archipelago’s diverse food traditions to showcase Syrco BASÈ’s transparency, nature and traceability.

Michelin starred Chef Syrco Bakker designing his dish

Syrco BASÈ’s flagship venue, Syrco BASÈ Ku, serves an exclusive three-hour epicurean journey for only 14 guests twice a week. This intimate space utilises sage green and hazelnut brown tones which blend with the culinary hub’s edible garden, reflecting a ‘playground’ for Chef Syrco Bakker to demonstrate his culinary philosophy and mastery. Ku’s initial concept was born from a love for Bali’s incredible artisans, products and customs.

To expand Ku’s compelling story, a new menu is brought to life. Throughout the dining experience, 18 culinary moments will be served across six chapters, commencing with Traditions and Bali Heroes, and concluding with The Future and Indulgence. The menu features exquisite moments like GROUPER (aloe vera, sambal ijo, garden blooms), which is reminiscent of the peaceful colours of Monet’s Water Lilies. Another exciting dish, TUNA (tomato, ginger, walnut), evokes the calming precision of a Japanese Zen garden.

Coconut dessert by Syrco BASE

Meanwhile, the sophisticated two-level Syrco BASÈ Restaurant will greet diners with three new menus, highlighting the best of Bali with an innovative take on culinary traditions.

The Bali Heroes concept follows eight moments honouring Bali’s traditions – from vibrant marigolds used in daily offerings, to the delicious freshwater snails sourced from nearby rice fields. These snails have been a valuable protein source for Balinese farmers for centuries.

Lobster dish by Syrco BASE

The Plant BASÈ menu captures the richness and diversity of Bali’s fertile soils in nine

plant-based moments. Inspired by Ubud’s long history of natural remedies, known as ‘ubad’ in old Balinese, the new concept shines with fresh, local ingredients, and their health-giving properties. Look forward to dishes like PAPAYA, combining juicy local papaya with young coconut, fragrant curry leaf, coconut yoghurt and the much-loved tempe.

Lastly, the Heritage concept is a Michelin-starred celebration of both beloved and lesser-known Balinese and Indonesian traditions, inspired by generations of home cooks across the archipelago. The star of the dish is sambal, an essential spicy condiment that ties Indonesia’s 1,300 ethnic groups together. Syrco BASÈ is inviting all guests who like it hot to explore this flavour!

Chicken dish by SYRCO BASE

Experience the finest flavours of Indonesia through Syrco BASÈ’s new menus and learn all about their meaningful connection with culture, community and sustainability!

For more information, visit Syrco BASÈ’s official website and social media page.

Syrco BASÈ

Address: Jl. Sri Wedari No.72, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Instagram: @syrcobase

Tel: +62 813 39955622

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