Accommodation in Bali

A venture to the land of Bali has made it on many a bucket list. If yours is no exception, it only makes sense you’d want to find a stay that enhances your experience as best it can.

With plenty of accommodation options suited for a range of palates, it’s easy to find a place in Bali that suits your fancy. Budget friendly or luxurious, boutique or villa, secluded or smack dab in the middle of it all—you’ve got options.

To ease the planning process, we’ve laid out Bali’s best accommodation, summarizing the details of each one so you know just what you’re getting yourself into. Should you still have trouble deciding on a room, you can lean on our very own travel experts, the lot of which are ready and eager to help you book your stay.

How about a villa all your own? For a quiet, romantic getaway, a 1-bedroom villa is just the thing. Sift through the options to see which of the many island spots speaks to you most. Or, if you’re traveling with friends or children, you may want a villa with an extra bedroom. Go for the 2-bedroom villa and you’ll all feel right at home as you experience the Bali way. Going on holiday with the crew? A multi-bedroom villa with space for everyone is the look you ought to vie for.

Maybe opt for a place where you don’t have to worry about a darn thing? After all, that’s what a vacation is all about. All-inclusive has you covered in every way imaginable. Or, for a bit of a personal touch on your Bali holiday, try a boutique resort. They’re cute, they’re welcoming and they come with all the bells and whistles you could want. But, if family-friendly is your priority, this category is just what you ought to be browsing. With fun for the kids and rumpus for the adults in one fell swoop, you can’t go wrong.

We’ve also got all budgets covered. If there were ever a place to indulge, it’s Bali. Check out our favorite luxury resorts to be treated like a king or queen and experience a piece of Bali that just can’t be recreated. However, traveling doesn’t have to be a pricey endeavor, especially in Bali. There are plenty of budget resorts to choose from, so you don’t have to feel limited in your search. And you may just be surprised at the amenities to go along! A little bit of luxury, a little bit of budget—our mid-range resorts will keep you comfy without going overboard. From Legian to Nusa Dua, you can get the best of both worlds.

But sometimes, the norm just doesn’t cut it. Try a unique experience like glamping, sleeping in a bubble or lounging amidst the safari. You can even snooze atop Mt Batur and be at the summit by sunrise! Plenty of options for every traveler, and we did the groundwork so that you can enjoy browsing through only the very best options.

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