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Shopping In Bali

One of the best ways to get to know a destination is by shopping around. Local boutiques, unique malls and produce markets hold personalities all their own. On this page we’ve listed some of our favorite destinations for you; shopping in Bali made easy.
If there’s one thing that’s missing, it’s what you’ll do while you’re in Bali, not just how you’ll get there and who you’ll spend your time with. After all, fun and relaxation are the most important parts of the holiday, and it’d be a shame if you didn’t prioritize them!

It’s places like these that give travelers the opportunity to dig deep into a culture, one that has more stories to tell than you’ll be able to hear in a lifetime. Bali just so happens to be teeming with shops of every kind, so you’ll have plenty of chances to absorb the island’s tales (if only you have the courage to go and look for them). 

Blond lady on the Ubud art market


Take yourself on a shopping spree, with modern trends and authentic styles defining Balinese fashion in one fell swoop. Wrap that skirt around you, try on those sandals, dress yourself up in cocktail attire that makes you want to show yourself off. Whether from one of the malls, or a fine boutique shop, you’re bound to find a piece that screams, “now this is why I saved extra space in my luggage!”


Unearth homemade kitchenware and ceramics at unique places like Bali Zen and Popo Linen & Lighting. There’s even Unagai Handicrafts for souvenir-savvy travelers. When the time comes to go back home, you’ll have something to remind yourself of your Bali travels every time you enter the dining room. And you like to entertain, your houseware will lend you an excuse to share your favorite island stories, and maybe even inspire your friends to make a trip all their own.


For a flavor of streetside vending, markets are where it’s at. Sindhu Beach Markets, the Flea Market and of course Garlic Lane Markets gives you every chance to inhale art and culture. You can speak with the locals, discover unique trinkets and appreciate the island to its core.


Whether you’re seeking a coworking space among one of the world’s leading digital nomad destinations or you’re simply vying for a centerpiece to take home, your Balinese shopping experience is yours and yours alone. At Bali Buddies, we’re just here to guide you toward a satisfying adventure and even crafted some very exciting shopping tours. You and your travel buddies can take on the rest.