New Japanese Konro Grill Restaurant, Shichirin Opens In Ubud

Japanese food is renowned for its sense of beauty, balance and freshness of its ingredients - and the recently opened Shichirin Restaurant certainly ticks all of those boxes.
Shichirin Ubud Food

Set amongst the natural Ubud scenery, you will find a tempting array of delicate and authentic Japanese fare, expertly prepared by their passionate chef Agus Umbarayana.

Enjoy as favourite dishes, such as fresh Salmon Teriyaki and premium Tenderloin Tokusen Wagyu steak are expertly prepared and served with an artistic flourish in front of your very eyes.

Shichirin Ubud New Food

Immerse yourself in their comfortable, sleek interior furnished with ornate lucky charms called Omamori – providing a gentle nod to the Japanese culture.

Fully equipped with both Teppanyaki, Gyukatsu and Konro Grill, you can be assured that authentic flavours are at the very heart of the Shichirin philosophy

Shichirin Ubud Restaurant
Shichirin Ubud Foods

Contact Shichirin now to book your delicious dining experience by visiting their website  or visit their Instagram page to check on latest updates or promotions.

Happy dining!

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