From Bangkok to Bali, Sans Thai brings aromatic Thai flavours to Ubud

From spicy broths to fragrant curries, Thailand’s capital is famous for its vibrant street food culture. And now, food lovers from Bali and beyond can get a taste of Bangkok right here in Ubud.
Sans Thai Oyster

At Sans Thai, managed by Ini Vie Hospitality, guests can tuck into authentic family-style Thai dishes overlooking picture-perfect rice paddies. Head Chef Agus Umbarayana sources local island ingredients to create his flavour-packed share plates. 

Signatures include his
pad thai goong–wok-fried noodles with chicken, vegetables, lime and crushed peanuts, steamed Garoupa–a whole fish steamed with Thai spices, and of course, the Thai green curry. Fresh oysters are another highlight, topped with a zesty Thai lemon dressing.

For dessert, the bua loi–rice flour balls cooked in coconut milk and sugar is a must. Sans Thai’s version comes with caramelised banana.

Sans Thai thick broth

“Sans Thai provides something new, different, and still very rare in Ubud — Authentic Thai Food using fresh ingredients,”  said Gratika, the Marketing & Branding Manager of Ini Vie.

So, if you’ve exhausted all of Ubud’s instagram-friendly cafes and local warung, check out Sans Thai. You’ll find it around 15 minutes north of Ubud town centre. 

Fresh fish at the Sans Thai Ubud


For more information, check out their Instagram.

Sans Thai

Banjar Pinjul

Kenderan No. 8



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