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Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

We recently trekked Mount Batur ourselves and even though it was quite the effort, we absolutely loved it. Here we’re sharing our experience with you:

Following an early wake-up call (the meeting time at the bottom of Mount Batur is 4 am), we were greeted by the crisp pre-dawn air. Fitted out in our walking shoes and given a small torch to guide our way, we were ready to begin our trek to the top of Bali’s second highest mountain; Mount Batur. The mountain is dark, only lit by the torch lights of the trekkers, it’s hard to guess how many people are around. We get started on our journey, led by our guide who makes this trip every morning (respect!). We stopped on a close to vertical slant, to catch our breath. We peered out through the darkness at the crescent moon, and a spattering of lights, marking the villages surrounding Lake Batur. We are told by our guide that we are midway through our trek up the active Mount Batur Volcano. We were feeling exhausted already, but have come this far, and have no intention of stopping or turning back. We are chasing the sunrise.

We reach the 2nd summit with plenty of time to find a great viewing point, while our guide prepares our breakfast of boiled eggs, banana sandwiches, and hot tea & coffee. Though the altitude and effort leave little room for appetite, our freshly brewed tea, banana sandwiches, and eggs are readily consumed, knowing we will need all the energy we can muster for the descent.

We were surrounded by 100s of others who have also made the early morning trek to catch a glimpse (and several selfies) of the famous sunrise that can be viewed from the top of Mount Batur. We were not disappointed as the sun began to rise, we witnessed the most spectacular sunrise and had an amazing sense of achievement, especially considering the early wake up call!

Mount Batur Trek - Orange Sky

After plenty of pictures and breakfast we were taken to the crater where the volcano is still steaming, it’s quite amazing to think we are standing there on a volcano and feeling the heat radiating out of it (Mount Batur is not be confused with Mount Agung – the volcano in Bali that currently has an exclusion zone and has had recent eruptions).

Mount Batur Trek - Morning Tea

The descent took half the time it took us to reach to the top and our sore legs were rewarded with a plunge in the hot springs after reaching the base of the mountain before we made our way back to our resort. The memories and pictures of our trek we will keep forever though, and who knows we may even do it again sometime. We particularly loved the two “volcano dogs” who we are told make their way up and down the volcano each sunrise hoping that some of the people don’t wish to eat their boiled eggs!

If you love a challenge, a great view and some adventure during your holiday add this activity to your Bali bucket list!

Mount Batur Trek - Best Bali Tour

Explore the active Volcano of Mount Batur as you climb to the highest peak and trek in the dark to catch the magnificent sight of the red sky when the sun begins to rise. Experience the stunning morning views of Mount Batur before making your way down to the newer three craters to see the most recent lava flows and fiery lava.

Departure time: 1.30am

Price: IDR 1,000,000/person

This price includes: Private transport, trekking guide, flashlight, water, and breakfast. Minimum two people per booking.

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