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Be Balinese for a Day

Be Balinese for a Day

Be Balinese for a Day - Bali Buddies

How to Soak Up the True Balinese Lifestyle for a Day

We think one of the top reasons people across the world travel to unfamiliar places is to experience a way of life that’s different from their own. Bali is no exception, and many a traveler has made the trek to learn about all things Balinese, from food to religion and everything in between. That’s why we think a tour allowing you to be Balinese for a day is an experience worth investing in.

For All Things Local

It’s easy to travel on the tourist trail without getting out of your comfort zone. But it’s meaningful to incorporate at least a little into the local’s way of life, and that’s exactly what this full-day tour allows you to do.

Fresh food plays an integral part in any Balinese family’s day, which is why this tour starts out with a trip to the market. The nicest cuts and fresh vegetables galore, this is the place that has everything you need to cook a lovely and satiating family dinner.

Nearby Tegalallang will be the next stop, and a worthy one at that. Whether in or out of season, postcard-worthy rice paddies make for the perfect backdrop of any photo, and ensure an especially informative experience as your guide divulges what it means to grow rice on Bali.

A local host will show you through their village, Pengelipuran, sharing what it means to be an island local. From daily duties to family time, it’s a life worth learning about and respecting. If you so desire, you can even take part in the Balinese offering ritual and make genuine merit. You can see temples and interact with people throughout the village. All the while, the kids at the local elementary school will be eager to meet you!

Or, you can enjoy our very own Balinese Village Experience. A unique day tour designed for a peek into the true Balinese Village life. Not only will you meet the locals, make a Balinese offering, and enjoy a lunch with stunning rice paddy views. You will also receive a blessing an cleansing ritual at the Holy Water; one of Bali’s best kept secrets.

Discover our Balinese Village Experience

All Tied Together With a Meal

No excursion into the true Balinese lifestyle would be complete without a meal. Using the fresh ingredients that your guides purchased at the morning market, you’ll craft a delicious and traditional lunchtime meal that will leave everyone’s stomachs content.

As you may realize, cooking a meal is more than just the act of cooking itself. It’s talking, sharing stories and learning about one another in ways you may not have ever expected. It’s sipping tea or coffee and reveling in the delectable beverages you have the pleasure of consuming. It’s learning how others go about their lives on the eternal quest of happiness, and hopefully being able to bring some of that home with you.

Keep in Mind Before You Go

This tour extends for about 8 hours, and conveniently includes pickup from your own accommodation in Bali. Any entrance fees are included in the cost, as is the fare for the tour guide and the local host. Considering a day in the life of a Balinese family is priceless, we’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

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