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Beach Clubs

Sunday’s Beach Club

On a stunning stretch of white sandy beach on the Bukit Peninsula, everyday is Sunday…..and Sunday’s Beach Club offers a memorable experience like no other. Relax to the cool tunes and enjoy friendly Balinese service. Take out a kayak or a stand up paddleboard at low tide..

Jungle Fish

While there is no beach at this Beach Club – there is a fabulous Jungle View. Jungle Fish is an open-air split level Meterranean restaurant which is perched into the side of a mountain overlooking the Osh River Valley. The gorgeous infinity pool look out into the jungle and down into the valley..

Kudeta Beach Club

A decade has passed since Kudeta first opened it’s doors in Seminyak. One of the most famous and long standing beach clubs in Bali. The Seminayak beachfront location at the very foundation of what makes the venue so magical, along with the cutting edge design and architecture…

Sundara Beach Club

The Sanskrit word for “beautiful”, Sundara pays tribute to the glowing sun that warms Bali’s hottest beachfront restaurant and bar. Enjoy a casual lunch of light, shareable cuisine ideal for soaking up the salt-air and panoramic views. Lounge away the afternoon on an…