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Play and Relax

Things to Do in Bali

So you’ve got the logistics for your next trip to Bali down pat. The flights, the accommodation, even the crew that will be with you every step of the way are all secured. If we have any say in it, that’s a feat worth celebrating. Nonetheless, your journey to a well-planned vacation isn’t over yet as your things to do in Bali are still missing.

If there’s one thing that’s missing, it’s what you’ll do while you’re in Bali, not just how you’ll get there and who you’ll spend your time with. After all, fun and relaxation are the most important parts of the holiday, and it’d be a shame if you didn’t prioritize them!

Play & Relax

So where will you enjoy an ice-cold Bintang on the beach? And when will you hop on a boat and savor the seas that surround Bali? What trails will lead you into the jungle, and which waterfalls will you take a dip into when the midday heat rises? Your itinerary is a blank slate just waiting to be filled with novel experiences that you and your loved ones can enjoy.

For all the answers on island-style outings and R&R, Bali Buddies has the hookup. There’s no shortage of spas and salons, with plenty of treat yourself businesses to choose from. So too is there a plethora of temples and spiritual sites, all of which can provide a setting to dig deep within yourself and find what really matters in life.

Bali’s Best Day Tours

With day tours covering every corner of the island and village outings led by folks who know Bali through and through (us!), you’ve got a world all its own at your fingertips. By the end of your adventure, you may just have eclipsed your comfort zone and entered a realm where beauty really does lie in the unknown.

At the end of the day, how you play and relax in Bali is your choice. Don’t be the one to stop you from having the time of your life. Instead, snap that photogenic scene, ride in a hot air balloon like your life depends on it and take in a way of life that’s the antithesis of all you’ve ever known. If there’s anything that’s worth doing, it’s trying something new, especially if it means playing and relaxing while you do it.

If nothing else, you’ll have memories that will stay with you long after you depart Bali, and that’s an itinerary that’s well worth your while.

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Balinese Village Experience

Embark on an immersive experience into the daily lives of the Balinese; meet the locals, make your own offerings and receive a blessing at the Holy Water; one of Bali’s best kept secrets.

Eat Pray Love Tour

Explore where the famous Elizabeth Gilbert memoir got its start on this one-of-a-kind Bali exploration. Find out more about the famous Eat Pray Love tour here.

Arkipela Spa at Movenpick Jimbaran

Movenpick Jimbaran Bali wants to do more than give you a good island stay. With Their Arkipela Spa & Wellness Center, they seek to encapsulate the tranquility that accompanies a Balinese getaway in one place. For focused treatments that bring your wellness to the forefront, it’s a sound spa destination.

Ume Spa at Wapa di Ume Ubud

Relaxation means something different to everybody. Ume Spa seeks to help each and every one of their guests find what peace means to them. Guided by trained therapists and elevated by all-natural products, the solace of Ume Spa is something different.

Ubud Bodyworks Centre

Ubud Bodyworks is a healing centre in Ubud inspired by the Balinese way of life by Mahatma therapist Master Ketut Arsana.

Sundari Day Spa

Through the use of natural products, and modern and traditional healing techniques, Sundari Day Spa brings the Balinese Tri Hita Karana practice to life.

Bali Instagram Tour

If you’re a traveler who’s keen on sharing photos, this tour through Bali will get you to all the picturesque places you need to be.

Visesa Healing Spa

The team at Visesa Spa & Wellbeing know that there’s more to relaxation than what lies on the surface. Whether it be through the teachings of Ayurveda or the healing touch of massage, your wellbeing is of utmost concern.

Sukhavati Retreat

Wellness. Mind. Body. At Sukhavati Spa, an ayurvedic retreat on the island, it’s all a priority. With programs in stress management, weight loss and total relaxation, they seek to provide guests with the skills to live a meaningful life.

Bali Hot Air Balloon

It’s time to get a glimpse of paradise from a different perspective, and this Bali hot air balloon ride can help you achieve it.

Goldust Beauty Lounge

It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself, but Goldust Beauty Lounge does its best to help you remember. Pamper yourself to utmost relaxation.

Studio Ceramic by Kevala

Studio Ceramics is part of the famous Kevala Ceramics brand. With a number of different options for workshops (depending on the kids age and skill level), you can learn the art of wheel throwing and decorating and come away with own piece/s of art to take home.

North Bali Tour

A tour through Bali’s mountainous region in the north may prove to you that this island is more than its sand and sea.

East Bali

Not as well know as some of the other areas of Bali, but no less beautiful. There are many gorgeous cultural and scenic spots to explore in this area of Bali. Points of interest are: Lempuang Temple Tirta Gangga Water Palace Rumah Pohon (a tree house with big swings)…

Bali Wake Park

Experience a new adventure at Bali Wake Park. This premier watersport experience boasts a cable park and an aqua park for a fun day out.

West Bali National Park

If getting off the beaten track is up your thing, a multi-day tour through West Bali National Park ought to be on your list.

Bali Horse Riding Tour

You can imagine experiencing the idyllic views of Bali by way of horseback, or you can choose to embark on this Bali Horse Riding Tour and live it.

Central Bali Tour

People call Bali paradise for a reason. From coast to coast and everywhere in between, this island has natural and cultural wonders that can make even the most well-traveled soul stand in awe.

Bali Zoo

The Bali Zoo is a fully functioning habitat for a number of the world’s most exotic species. Bali Zoo offers fun activities for the whole family.

Santai Surf School

Santai Surf School knows what’s up, which is precisely why they try to do more for the community and the ocean they love so much.

Lembongan Day Trips

Nusa Lembongan Day Trips Nusa Lembongan is a lovely Island and can be reached by boat from Bali within only 30 minutes. This piece of paradise offers world-class snorkeling for both the experienced snorkeler and novices. You can venture out on a snorkeling

Frankenstein’s Laboratory

Experience a new adventure at Bali Wake Park. This premier watersport experience boasts a cable park and an aqua park for a fun day out.

Nusa Penida Day Tour

There’s more than one way to enjoy paradise, and with this Nusa Penida day tour you’ll see what we mean. Let’s explore paradise.

Haunted Places in Bali

When you were a kid, did you like telling ghost stories and watching scary movies? Do you like a good vampire story and are you not afraid to enter abandoned buildings? Then this day tour to some of Bali’s most haunted places might be perfect for you.

Be Balinese for a Day

Learn about all things Balinese, from food to religion and everything in between. That’s what this special day tour is designed for.


Many holidaying in the South forget this lovely area of the Island. Located on the East it’s a great day trip with minimal travel time needed! Points of interest are: The 7km beach path, either take or stroll or hire some bikes and take a ride, Big Garden Corner for photo fun,..

Quad Bike Tour by Aussie Bali Adventures

Aussie Bali Adventures is the leading quad adventure provider in Bali. Enjoy fun trips for the whole family.

Bedugul & Surrounds

You may not believe it but it actually gets a little chilly in this area of Bali. If you stay there at night many places have a fire to keep you warm! Travel up the mountain and see the stunning lakes and sample all of the fresh produce this area has to offer: Strawberry picking, Candi Kuning fruit…

Ubud & Surrounds

This is your chance to explore the cultural heart of Bali by taking a trip up the mountains to the Ubud area. Points of interest are: Traditional silver/gold factories Coffee plantation Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud art markets & township Tegallalang Rice Terraces…

SoSPA at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort

SoSPA at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort offers five-star luxury fused with exceptional service and authentic island- inspired therapies. SoSPA’s therapies are offered on a mix and match menu so you can tailor the treatments to suit your mood and cater to business and leisure travellers..

Strike Bowling at Finns

Bali Tree Top Adventure Park is a fun activity set in an open-air environment within the Botanical Gardens of Bedugal. Open daily for individual or group bookings from 8.30am to 6pm. 7 adventure circuits from one tree to another with height range…

Splash Water Park at Finns

Bali Tree Top Adventure Park is a fun activity set in an open-air environment within the Botanical Gardens of Bedugal. Open daily for individual or group bookings from 8.30am to 6pm. 7 adventure circuits from one tree to another with height range…

Bounce Bali at Finns

Bali Tree Top Adventure Park is a fun activity set in an open-air environment within the Botanical Gardens of Bedugal. Open daily for individual or group bookings from 8.30am to 6pm. 7 adventure circuits from one tree to another with height range…

Cinema XXI at Trans Studio Mall

If you want to treat yourself, catch a movie at the brand new Cinema XXI at Trans Studio Mall.

Denpasar Cineplex

Relaxing sofas, delicious snacks and a world of international films to discover, there has never been a better time to catch a movie since this Denpasar cineplex has opened its doors.

Paradiso Ubud

The final movie theatre of the list is the Paradiso in Ubud. This unique venue, with seating up to 150 persons, is a one-of-a-kind space in Bali, which hosts quality film screening and other cultural activities. Make yourself comfortable on the reclining..

Divine Earth Cinema Club

Above the Divine Earth Restaurant in Seminyak, you’ll find the Divine Earth Cinema Club, an oasis of air-conditioned luxury, with plush couches, surround-sound and a full HD screen to watch all-time favorites. Movies are hand selected from the cinema’s..

5D Max Bali

This one is for the thrill seekers among us. In addition to the regular cinemas, you’ll also find several 5D cinema booths on different places on the island. These small movie booths will take you on 7-minute 5D thrill rides, featuring all kind of different movies..

Cinepolis Sidewalk Jimbaran

Whether you’re planning a romantic surprise for your partner or treating yourself to a screening of the newest release, at Cinepolis Sidewalk Jimbaran you’re at the right place.

Cinepolis Lippo Plaza Sunset

If you like the sound of relaxing sofas, footstools and drinks served upon request, you’ll love this cinepolis (former Cinemaxx) cinema at Lippo Plaza on Sunset Road.

Cinemaxx at Plaza Renon

Watching movies is extremely popular in Indonesia and there has been a remarkable increase in cinemas in Bali. Newly opened in October 2017, the Cinemaxx at Renon; Plaza is cinemax Lippo Plaza’s little sister. Featuring 4 screens with a total..

Cinemaxx at Lippo Mall Kuta

Another one of Indonesia’s cinema chains, Cinemaxx, has only two movie theatres in Bali. The biggest one can be found in Kuta; Cinemaxx at Lippo Mall in Kuta. Similar to Cinema XXI, Cinemaxx offers viewers two different types of viewing..

Cinema XXI at Park 23

The next one on the list is Cinema XXI at Park 23 Entertainment Center. This is one of Kuta’s newest shopping malls, located right next to the Circus Waterpark in Tuban. The movie theatre is located on the fourth floor and features four studios..

Cinema XXI at Mal Bali Galeria

There’s one more Cinema XXI on the island and this one you’ll find in Mal Bali Galeria.  The XXI chain’s first cinema in Bali only has two studios, and both deluxe studios featuring 199 seats. Mal Bali Galeria is conveniently and strategically located..

Cinema XXI Premiere at Beachwalk Shopping Center

The nation’s largest cinema network, Cinema XXI (pronounce as Cinema 21) boasts no less than four cinemas in Bali. This one, in Beachwalk Shopping Center, in the heart of Kuta, is designed as a “premiere” and also known as Beachwalk Premiere..

Cinema XXI Premiere at Level 21 Mall

Also referred to as Level 21 XXI, this is the island’s biggest cinema. The movie complex is home to five deluxe studios and one premiere studio. The lobby is extremely spacious, and an overflow of refreshments is available for you to enjoy during..

Green Bikes Bali

Wanna explore the beauty of Bali in a different and eco-friendly way? Then Green Bikes Bali offers a perfect option for you. You can now visit areas of the island that used to be difficult to access, due to the mountainous location. Today, these stunning destinations can..

Cocoon Medical Spa

We focus on aesthetic treatments that improve the skin quality and skin health – so results last longer and look better. Skin rejuvenation treatments include RF microneedling for skin tightening, Diamond Microdermabrasion, No-needle, high frequency mesotherapy..

The Bali Barber

Bali’s original and oldest Western standards barbershop, Bali Barber is the preferred destination of Bai expats and visitors on the island.

The Shampoo Lounge

Bali’s original and oldest Western standards barbershop, Bali Barber is the preferred destination of Bai expats and visitors on the island.

9 Directional Temples of Bali

Though most tourists consider Bali as beach-destination, a cultural day out to one (or more) of Bali’s many temples should be on everyone’s itinerary. The island counts thousands of temples, and nine temples are considered directional temples, locally known..

1 – Batukaru Temple

One of Bali’s nine directional temples, Batukaru Temple, is set on the slopes of Mount Batukaru on the western part of the island, and is most likely one of the most spiritual temples you can easily visit. Before leaving your hotel, make sure to familiarize yourself with..

2 – Besakih Temple

Pura Besakih, the mother of all Hindu temples in Bali, majestically rises on the western slopes of Mount Agung. This temple is considered Bali’s most important temple complex, housing not less than 86 temples, including the largest and most impressive..

3 – Goa Lawah Temple

Goa Lawah is one of the nine directional temples of Bali and is home to thousands of bats, hence its name, which literally translates into Bat Cave. The temple is located along the main road leading to Karangasem and Candidasa. This sacred temple is very popular..

4 – Lempuyang Temple

Pura LuhurLempuyang, also known as the “Stairways to Heaven”, is located halfway between Amlapura and Amed, on Bali’s east side. Seven temples in total are built along a stairway to the peak of the mountain. The climb up the 1700 steps will take about an hour and a half..

5 – Masceti Temple

A love story gone wrong… Masceti temple is one of Bali’s nine directional temples and is supposed to guard the island from evil sea spirits. The temple is located on the sacred beach of Masceti on the island’s east coast. It’s a lesser known temple and barely visited by tourists..

6 – Pasar Agung Temple

Located on the southern slopes of Bali’s highest mountain, Mount Agung, the PasarAgung Temple is the starting point of treks to the summit of this 3,033 meters high volcano.
Pura PasarAgung is one of Bali’s nine directional temples and..

7 – Ulun Danu Batur Temple

Don’t confuse Bali’s second most important temple, Pura Ulun Danu Batur, with the more popular Pura Ulun Danu Bratan. Although the names are similar and both are dedicated to Goddess of lakes, Danu, the temples are located an hour and a half drive away..

8 – Ulun Danu Bratan Temple

This is one perfectly suited for Instagram. Situated on the west side of Lake Bratan, the UlunDanauBratan temple is probably one of the most iconic and picturesque temples of the island. Most of this directional temples’ base is surrounded by the calm and almost perfectly still..

9 – Uluwatu Temple

Perched on top of a steep cliff, approximately 70 meters above sea level, Uluwatu Temple, also known as PuruLuhurUluwatu, is renowned for its magnificent location. It truly is one of the top places on the island to go for sunset, with direct views overlooking the Indian..

Bukit Sari Temple

Deep within the woods of the Sangeh Monkey Forest you’ll find Pura Bukit Sari, the largest of four temples located in this green slice of heaven, ruled by grey long-tail macaques. The thirteen hectares of forestland, near Sangeh village, are filled with nutmeg trees..

Goa Gajah Temple

Even though the name suggests otherwise (Goa Gajah means elephant cave), this holy archaeological site is not filled with elephant statues or carvings. The only references to elephants are the statues of Ganesh, a Hindu god with an elephant head, and..

Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple

They say Gunung Kawi SebatuTemple is one of the least visited temples in Bali, yet it’s considered to be one of the most peaceful, tranquil and prettiest sanctuaries you can think of. Located just 13 kilometres north of Ubud, this temple shouldn’t be confused with the..

Gunung Kawi Temple

One of the most unique temples in Bali is the Gunung Kawi temple, located in a lush green vally in Tampaksiri, a mere 30-minute drive from Ubud. Its location is ideal; just a few 100 meters East from the Jalan Raya Tampaksiri main route and only 2 kilometres south..

Meduwe Karang Temple

Located in the north of Bali, the Meduwe Karang Temple can be reached within half an hour drive from Singaraja. History has it that the temple was dedicated to Dewi Sri, the god of the rice. Literally translated Meduwe Karang means “owner of the land”. Locals..

Sakenan Temple

Serangan Island Situated on the island of Serangan, also known as turtle-island, you’ll find Sakenan Temple. It’s a public temple, meaning that Hindus from all over Bali can give and receive offers; particularly on Kuningan Day the temple is extremely busy..

Taman Ayun Temple

The Taman Ayun temple is the mother temple of the Mengwi district, approximately 18 kilometres north west of Denpasar, and was originally built so that the local people didn’t have to travel all the way to Besakih temple to pay homage to their gods. Taman..

Taman Saraswati Temple

Right in the heart of Ubud you’ll find Pura Taman Saraswati, a beautiful water temple featuring a large pond filled with blooming pink lotus flowers. The name of the temple is derived from DewiSaraswati, the Goddess of wisdom and arts (the same one as in..

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot’s shrine, perched on top of a rock in the ocean, is the most visited and photographed temple in Bali, especially at sunset, when crowds and traffic are at their peak. Tanah lot is one of the most important and venerated sea temples, and is closely associated..

Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul is one of the most famous and most sacred temples in Bali at the same time. You’ll find this magnificent temple complex 14 kilometres north-east of Ubud, in close proximity to Gunung Kawi Temple. The complex consists of three main areas; the front..

Vihara Dharmayana Temple

ViharaDharmayana is one of the five Buddhist temples in Bali and the only one in Kuta.Though Kuta is known for its vibrant nightlife and traffic frenzy, at this temple you’ll find absolute serenity. Just as any other Chinese Buddhist temple, the main colours are red and..

Ye Mampeh Waterfall

In the tranquil village of Les, north of Kintamani and Batur Mountain, you’ll find the Ye Mampeh Waterfall. In Balinese thisliterally means “Splashing Water”. The legend says that once upon a time a big flood happened, leaving rocks and stones behind in the basin..

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

The Tukad Cepung Waterfall is hidden away from commercial tourists and therefore worth adding it to your Bali bucket list. Located a mere 30 kilometersnorth-west of Ubud, it’s easily accessible from any place in the south of Bali. The Tukad Cepung..

Tibumala Waterfall

Once upon a time… Tibumala Waterfall is located in the Bangli region, not so far away from the TukadCepung Waterfall. This fairytale-like waterfall is not as tall or as wide as many other falls in Bali, but an amazing site to explore it is. The cool and forested waterfall is reached..

Tegenungan Waterfall

Located only 10 kilometerssouth of Ubud, this waterfall is one of the few falls that’s not situated in the highlands or mountainous areas of Bali. It still boasts lush green jungle-like surroundings though and therefore it is a very popular spot for photographers, who often gather..

Sekumpul Waterfalls

The Gitgit waterfall is often referred to as the most visited waterfall in Bali, and the AlingAling waterfall the most fun waterfall. Now, let us introduce to you Bali’s most beautiful waterfall: the Sekumpul waterfall. Sekumpul in Bahasa Indonesia means “group” and..

Nungnung Waterfall

In the idyllic village of Nungnung, 900 meters above sea level, you’ll find the magnificent Nungnung waterfall.  The drive into the mountains is truly enchanting, with plantations and lush green rice paddies everywhere you look. There are clear signs pointing..

Munduk Waterfall

At 850 meters above sea-level, in the small village of Munduk, you’ll find the Niagara falls of Bali. After an easy300 meter jungle trek you’re welcomed by a cool mist and the rustling sound of the Munduk waterfall. According to many this is one of the most photogenic..

Juwuk Manis Waterfall

Work hard, play hard” definitely applies to the Juwuk Manis Waterfall, one of the few waterfalls in the east of Bali. It takes effort to reach this waterfall, as you will have to conquer a 1 kilometer long trek through the dense jungle, steep cliffs, and coffee and..

Jembong Waterfall

Locally this waterfall is known as the best waterfall in Bali. It’s located near the famed Gitgit waterfall, which often overshadows the peaceful Jembong waterfall. The path leading up to the fall takes you through cacao plantations and as opposed to most waterfalls..

Gitgit Waterfall

The Gitgit waterfall can be found in the north of Bali, just a mere 20 minutes south of Singaraja. A visit to these falls is often combined with a trip to the mesmerizing black sandy beaches of Lovina, which is also popular for dolphin watching tours. This immense popular..

Dusun Kuning

Dusun Kuning is a small village in the region of Bangli and is home to a 25 meters high waterfall that’s aptly named after the village. It is just a 40 minutes ride from Ubud and once you arrived in Dusun Kuning you can access the waterfall after a short walk..

Carat Waterfalls

Located in the unspoiled village of Tamblang, just 45 minutes east of Singaraja, you will find one of the most interesting waterfalls Bali has to offer; the Carat Waterfalls. Getting there is quite tricky and challenging, because the 800 meters long descent takes you..

Blahmantung Waterfall (aka Blemantung)

You’ll find the Blahmantung Waterfall in Pujungan Village in the Tabanan district and because of its location, the fall is also known as the Pujungan Waterfall. Getting there is already a trip worth taking and making you crave WiFi as the landscapes are so..

Banyumala Twin Waterfalls

The Banyumala Twin waterfalls are located north of Lake Buyan and only 15 minutes away from the Niagara Munduk Waterfall. Reaching the waterfall is not easy as the road leading to it is bumpy and narrow without many signs, so engaging with a local is a wise idea..

7-Canging Waterfall

The Canging waterfall is usually the first waterfall you reach on your trek from Sambangan Secret Garden to the Cemarawaterfall and the Dedari waterfall. It’s located on the top of AlingAling. Swimming is not an option here, so when you arrive at the site just,..

6-Dedari Waterfall

The Dedari waterfall is located between the Canging waterfall and the Cemara waterfall. The local word “dedari” means angel and the villagers in this area believe that the basin of this waterfall was used for bathing by groups of angels. So, bring along your swimming clothes,..

5-Cemara Waterfall

Active travellerswill love this one, as the Cemara Waterfall is reached after a mildly challenging trek, over different kinds of terrain.  Suddenly, the rainforest opens up and that’s when your eyes first meet this mighty fall. The water is clean and fresh, so don’t forget your swimming..

4-Pucuk Waterfall

Tucked away in Bali’s precious rainforest, Pucuk waterfall is the third fall of the watersport triad, together with the Kroya waterfall (with its natural 12m long slide) and the Kembar waterfall (with a 10m high cliff for cliffjumping), which can all be found in the same area. Be prepared..

3-Kembar Waterfall

Another one of the 7 secret waterfalls in Bali’s Sambangan Secret Garden is the Kembar waterfall. Kembar means twin in Balinese and the fall lives up to its name as two flows are mixing together in a tranquil basin. This one is popular among adventurers, as Kembar waterfall..

2-Kroya Waterfall

The name Kroya is derived from the Balinese name of a tropical tree, which grew right next to it. Legend has it that the tree was swept into the blue lagoon during heavy floods and never appeared to the surface again. This waterfall is located just a mere 5 minute..

Aling Aling Waterfall at The Secret Gardens of Sambangan

According to many, the AlingAling waterfall is one of the most unique waterfalls Bali has to offer. Located in the idyllic village of Sambang, in the northern region of the island this cascade is only one of 7 falls in the Sambangan Secret Garden. The journey to the..

7 Waterfalls @ Sambangan’s Secret Garden

Sambangan Village, in the serene and green northern part of Bali, is heaven on earth for waterfall chasers, and for all other kind of nature-lovers. Located 700 meters above sea-level, this tranquil river has been the perfect geological breeding ground for waterfalls..

Double-Six Beach

Daytime visitors at Double Six Beach can relax under colourful umbrellas in sun loungers, and the waters here are pretty good for surfing.

Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach, one of Bali’s hidden beaches, features a white sandy beach secluded by limestone cliffs that line the rugged coastline of Uluwatu.

Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach is a beautiful beach located at the foot of a high cliff. Its unspoiled blue sea makes this beach to be one of the best in the Ungasan region.

Uluwatu Beach

Uluwatu Beach is truly a magical place to visit. With many places to grab a quick bite to eat or drink, you can enjoy the beautiful view from the cliff top.

Virgin Beach

Virgin Beach is regarded as one of the best-hidden beaches in East Bali and makes for a great destination if you are looking for a less crowded beach.

Padang Padang Beach

Featuring a 100m stretch of sand Padang Padang Beach is an exotic setting and definitey worth adding to you Bali holiday itinerary.

Mertasari Beach

Featuring white sand and calm waters Mertasari Beach in Sanur is a favourite beach to enjoy the water with young children.

Legian Beach

Definitely one of Bali’s most fun beaches in Bali, especially at sunset time, Legian Beach is easily identifiable for the many deck chairs and umbrellas that line the beach.

Green Bowl Beach

Green Bowl is one of Bali’s most secluded beaches, a small strip of just 30m of white sand. To reach the beach you must travel down hundreds of steps approximately 75 metres down a cliff in the village of Ungasan. Due it’s location it usually only attracts the die hard..

Geger Beach – Nusa Dua

A public beach in the stunning Nusa Dua with white sand and blue water which is safe for swimming. You will find many deck chairs, local warungs and massage ladies. Geyger is an easily accessible beach (no stairs!) to enjoy the day at the beach. It’s a family friendly place…

Echo Beach

Canggu An easily accessible beach which is a long-standing favourite sunset spot. Echo Beach is a favourite surf spot with decent waves all year round. The big waves do not always make this beach great for swimming. A fun beach to enjoy the local warungs and famous…

Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach is a photographers paradise with it’s spectacular scenery and exotic blue/green water. Not the most easily accessible beach, Bingin Beach requires a tricky walk over some even rocks to reach. Offering sensational waves for the surfers, it’s best to visit during low-tide..

Sunday’s Beach Club

On a stunning stretch of white sandy beach on the Bukit Peninsula, everyday is Sunday…..and Sunday’s Beach Club offers a memorable experience like no other. Relax to the cool tunes and enjoy friendly Balinese service. Take out a kayak or a stand up paddleboard at low tide..

Jungle Fish

While there is no beach at this Beach Club – there is a fabulous Jungle View. Jungle Fish is an open-air split level Meterranean restaurant which is perched into the side of a mountain overlooking the Osh River Valley. The gorgeous infinity pool look out into the jungle and down into the valley..

Kudeta Beach Club

A decade has passed since Kudeta first opened it’s doors in Seminyak. One of the most famous and long standing beach clubs in Bali. The Seminayak beachfront location at the very foundation of what makes the venue so magical, along with the cutting edge design and architecture…

Sundara Beach Club

The Sanskrit word for “beautiful”, Sundara pays tribute to the glowing sun that warms Bali’s hottest beachfront restaurant and bar. Enjoy a casual lunch of light, shareable cuisine ideal for soaking up the salt-air and panoramic views. Lounge away the afternoon on an…

Dolphin Interaction

Enjoy the best safari experience in Bali at the home of hundreds of amazing animals representing over 60 species, including some rare and endangered species such as the Komodo, Orang Utan and the Bali Mynah. At Bali Safari & Marine Park, you can choose to enjoy..

Bali Bird Park

When you’re looking for an activity out of the ordinary, we recommend you getting up close with hundreds of different bird species. Experience 1,000 birds, 250 different species and a great day out. Bali Bird Park is home to the largest and finest display of..

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting at Telaga Waha River is one of the most famous adventure activities in Bali. You will explore the beautiful panorama and the extreme current of Telaga Waja river Kearangasem. The rafting routh is 14km long and takes 2 hours…

Waterbom Park

Described as an oasis in the middle of the famous Kuta stretch, Waterbom Bali sets itself in lush tropical gardens with many great rides and attractions. Exciting water slides slice through 3.8 hectares of landscaped tropical parks providing hours of fun..

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

Up for some adventure, exercise, time with nature and stunning views? If you answered yes than joining this trek is just for you. Explore the active Volcano or Mt Batur as you climb to the highest peak and trek in the dare to catch the magificant sight of the red sky when ..

Bicycle Tours

Bali Bicycle Tours are a rare opportunity to see the real Bali, a 4-hour downhill cycling experience through the quite village back roads. You will begin by being whisked away from your accommodation to the beauty of Kintamani..

Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is located is popular, featuring a gorgeous 200m stretch of golden sand bordered between cliffs and a reef. This beach attracts surfers from around the world who ride the waves along the south- western Bukit coastline (which includes sister..