Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa presents “Ethereal Allure: The Spirit of Bridal Showcase”

Discover the essence of bridal enchantment at Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa’s “Ethereal Allure: The Spirit of Bridal” showcase, where elegance, romance, and cultural opulence intertwine amidst Ubud’s lush landscapes.

A couple in traditional Indira Laksmi Balinese Attire posing in front of a brightly lit Christmas tree and a canopy of festive lights at Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa at night

March 2nd, 2024, marked a magical evening at a luxurious Ubud haven, where Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa played host to an enchanting night of elegance, romance and cultural splendour. Their bridal showcase immersed guests in a world of dreamy wedding inspiration, inviting them to turn their dreams into reality.

An elegantly set dining table with a floral centerpiece in a room at Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa, featuring natural light and a garden view.
Elegantly set dining table at Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa with floral centerpiece and place settings.

The ‘Ethereal Allure: The Spirit of Bridal Showcase’ at Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa centred around a mesmerising fashion show, displaying unique bridal collections from three remarkable designers: Monika Weber, Indira Laksmi and Michelle Ann.

A bride in Cheongsam by Michelle Ann posing on the sofa with her hand on her head while a man in a suit looks on from a sofa.

Monika Weber showcased her dazzling International Gown collection to guests, whilst Indira Laksmi’s Balinese Attire seamlessly blended heritage with romance. Michelle Ann added to the allure of the evening with her beautifully presented Cheongsam collection, epitomising timeless elegance.

Elegant wedding showcase dining setup with a long wooden table adorned with vibrant floral centerpieces, in a room at Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa featuring traditional décor and warm lighting.

Plataran Ubud’s wedding organiser partners, The About Wedding, and Kamala Makeup Artist, supported this opulent bridal showcase. As the evening unfolded, vibrant entertainment performances such as traditional Balinese dance performances and live DJ sets delighted guests.

A family posing solemnly in a traditional dining room with historical clothing exhibits on the sides during a Wedding Showcase at Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa.

But beyond the grandeur of the bridal couture display and cultural experiences, The Trees – Kinandari, the venue of the night, also shone with its own distinctive charm. With its spacious area, it’s one of Plataran Ubud’s favoured venues for weddings and special celebrations. Another exclusive venue at Plataran Ubud is Kathulistiwa Pathway, ideal for lavish pre-wedding celebrations to magical ceremonies, glamorous after-parties and honeymoon retreats.

Luxury Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa amidst tropical palm trees at twilight with vibrant sky and lush green rice fields in the foreground.
Traditional cottage amidst lush fields at dusk with subtle lighting and serene ambiance, embodying the peaceful essence of Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa.

The ethereal bridal showcase highlighted Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa’s dedication to assisting guests in creating an unforgettable Bali wedding, infused with luxury, cultural richness and unparalleled beauty.

If you’re ready for your dream wedding in Bali to become a reality, consider this your invitation from Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa!

For more information, visit Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa’s official website. 

Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa

Address: Jl. Hanoman, Pengosekan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Instagram: @plataran.ubud

Tel: +62 361 978340

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