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Bali Travel Guide

The Bali Buddies team lives on the Island and keeps up to date on all that is happening here.

This is our guide on how to enjoy Bali your way! Get recommendations of where to Eat & Drink, Stay, Play and more. Take note of the useful information and travel tips to make your trip a breeze and drama-free.

As the Island is growing and changing at a fast pace, this site too will grow and change as new businesses come to the Island.

Enjoy our Bali travel guide!

North Bali Tour

A tour through Bali’s mountainous region in the north may prove to you that this island is more than its sand and sea.

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Bali Instagram Tour

If you’re a traveler who’s keen on sharing photos, this tour through Bali will get you to all the picturesque places you need to be.

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ATM Scams in Bali | Bali Buddies

Be Aware of ATM Scams in Bali

If there’s one thing that can turn a sweet vacation sour, it’s getting your money stolen. Unfortunately, in many places across Bali and Southeast Asia, this crime is not unheard of. Here are our tips for a safe vacation.

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Bali Wake Park | Bali Buddies

Bali Wake Park

Experience a new adventure at Bali Wake Park. This premier watersport experience boasts a cable park and an aqua park for a fun day out.

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Areas of Bali

Map of Bali showing the most popular areas of Bali

We truly believe that there is an area of Bali to suit everyone! 

Whether you are looking to holiday in Bal or to live in Bali, choosing the areas to spend your time in wisely, will help you get the most out of your time on the Island. 

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