Padma Hotels brings #PadmaExperience right to your fingertips!

Experience a new era of impeccable hospitality with the Padma Hotels App, offering easy booking and exclusive rewards across all Padma properties.

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Padma Hotels, a prominent name in the Indonesian hospitality industry, is enhancing guest satisfaction with the launch of a new mobile app, offering easy access to all Padma properties directly from your smartphone.

In March 2024, the family-friendly resort in Legian introduced the Padma Hotels App. Built to assist guests of all ages, the app features a user-friendly interface for a smooth and enjoyable process when booking, earning and redeeming rewards.

By downloading this innovative app onto your mobile device, you can explore and book stays across all five stunning Padma Hotels properties – Padma Resort Legian, Padma Resort Ubud, Padma Hotel Bandung, Padma Hotel Semarang and Resinda Hotel Karawang.

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As an added bonus exclusively for Padma Resident members, you can also earn and redeem points with every booking. So, consider this your invitation to join Padma Hotels’ loyalty program and become a valued member with access to a whole range of benefits!

What’s more, the Padma Hotels App allows you to receive information on the latest special promotions, as well as exciting perks especially tailored to Padma Residents.

Don’t miss out on experiencing Padma Hotels new era of impeccable hospitality! The app is now available for download at the App Store and on Google Play – so what are you waiting for? Get booking your hassle-free Padma stay today!

For more information about the Padma Hotels App, contact [email protected]

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