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Heighten Your Perspective in the North Coast Mountains of Bali

There are places in the world where history is rich and nature is saturated with wonder. Oftentimes, travelers who flock to these regions will miss out on them without even knowing any better. But with the North Coast Mountain Tour in Bali, which takes guests through Lovina Beach and Bedugul, seeks to expose the beauty that is Bali’s rural and mountainous north coast. 

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A Day of Mountainous Exploration

This full day tour of Bali’s North Coast Mountains is just what you need to dig into the richness of the island. Full of tranquility, nature and a sense of relaxation, this region is one that makes departing from the typical tourist spots of south Bali well worth your while.

The tour—which spans the full day—takes travelers along the extent of the island, all the way to the countryside of the north. A kind, english-speaking guide with a heck of a lot of knowledge leads everyone through Bail’s central mountains into places like Singaraja and Lovina Beach. Both of these destinations are situated along the north coast of the island, and make for a memorable and majestic escape.

Throughout the day, you’ll even get the experience of dabbling in cuisine of Bali’s north coast. Being in such a rural area, you’ll be exposed to fare that you may not find in the south. Whatever you delve into is a choice all your own!

Stops Along the Way

This tour allows groups to do more than merely pass through. You’ll get to take excursions at places like Candi Kuning, a fresh fruit and flower market with everything from local strawberries to wild orchids. Also on the menu is Git-Git, the island’s largest swimmable waterfall. You’ll get to pay a visit to Bali Handara Gate, an iconic destination that’s rich in history and set in front of a splendid hillside backdrop.

Lake Beraton and Bedugal is a place that Bali folks love; its water fills an ancient crater of Mount Batukaru, and scenes like the Goddess of Water and the temple at Ulun Danu make it even more meaningful. So too do locals adore Singaraja, a place that was once Bali’s capital, as well as the sprawling black sand of Lovina Beach. Tourists will get the chance to encounter and explore all of these unique destinations, which many travelers to Bali do not get the chance to see.

Keep in Mind Before You Go

This North Coast Mountain tour takes place over the course of 10 hours, so it is a full-day commitment. Air-conditioned transportation through every stop along the way makes the journey that much more enjoyable, and all entrance fees are included in the cost of the tour. Whether delving into the northern coast of Bali has intrigued you for some time, or it’s time for spontaneity to strike once more, this tour really is the answer.

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