What’s happening with Mount Agung?

Since August 2017, on and off, Bali’s most famous volcano is erupting. Ash clouds have caused airport closures and major evacuations, and nobody knows if (and when) a catastrophic eruption will follow. This page is dedicated to Bali’s most powerful volcano. Here you’ll find the latest Mount Agung updates.

Is Bali safe?

If you are traveling to Bali, don’t worry about safety! A team of professionals is keeping a close eye on the activity and when a major eruption is expected, the area around the volcano will be evacuated (like in November 2017, when more than 100,000 Balinese in a radius of 10 kilometers of the volcano were ordered to leave the area). So the answer to the question “Is Bali safe with Mount Agung erupting?” is yes, Bali is safe. Gunung Agung is in the North East of Bali, 75 kilometers away from the main tourist destinations in South Bali.

Ngurah Rai International Airport

Where you could worry about though, are your flights. Depending on the ash cloud and the wind direction, it can happen that Ngurah Rai International Airport will be closed, for safety reasons. This has happened a few times, so when booking your holiday, make sure that your travel insurance covers a possible cancellation or rebooking of your flights. We’ve got plenty of experience with this, so feel free to contact us if you want to know more about the best travel insurance.

Below you’ll find a graphic from Reuters News Agency and a live feed of Mount Agung so that you can keep an eye on this majestic mountain Bali.

Timeline of Mount Agung’s activities

For those who’re interested in a timeline, herewith a summary of Mount Agung’s activities:

1843: The first eruption reported.
1963: One of the most catastrophic eruptions in the Indonesian history.
2017: Volcanic earthquakes were observed in August, the surroundings of the volcano were evacuated in September. In October the activity lowered, but in November several eruptions took place, leading to airport closure and more evacuations.
2018: The volcano erupted again in January, but then kept quiet until June when it erupted again and the airport had to be closed again. In July another eruption took place and people were evacuated again. The airport was not affected this time.