Longing To Get Back to Lembongan?

Travelling to Nusa Lembongan During Covid-19

As you may have seen we recently took our first trip back to Lembongan Island since COVID times. We are long time Lembongan lovers and usually visit 3 or 4 times a year. Even Lembongan is only a 30 minute boat ride from Bali it still always feels like we are on “holiday” from home. 

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Lembongan Paradise Escape

We went over as part of Bali Hai’s newest offering ‘Lembongan Paradise Escape’ – it includes door to door service right from your home in Bali. We sailed over on their Aristocrat and while it takes longer than a fast boat (1 hour 45mins) we really enjoyed stretching out on the front deck, being able to order drinks and served snacks and being powered by the wind all the way home! 

You land right at the gorgeous Mushroom Bay being able to check straight into the Hai Tide Beach Resort. You can stay in the gorgeous lumbungs (some which are absolute beachfront) or upgrade to 2-bedroom private pool villa (great if you’re travelling with friends or the kids!).

Back to Basics: Seaweed Farming

The Island is noticeably a lot quieter but upon talking to a lot of locals most had gone back to the tradition of seaweed farming. Around the Yellow Bridge area, you can especially see just how much seaweed farming is happening at this time. Not everything has reopened on Lembongan and Cenigan but certainly enough to keep you busy and well-fed during your stay. We always love scooting around and across the bridge, but you can also rent a golf buggy or get the resort to drop you to and from places also.

Under the Stars

One of the things we loved the most about the Lembongan Paradise Escape package was the community feel of the group that went over with. As you are all staying at the same resort and taking the same boat, it was easy to socialise. We met a lot of other Bali locals and ex-pats, some of whom we’ve already since caught up with again. It felt so nice to be in a place with a small group of others all “holidaying” again. Saturday night is movie night at the resort and nice for us all to enjoy a film under the stars, with the waves crashing in the background. 

Back to Lembongan for Snotkeling

No trip to Lembongan is complete without a snorkel session, we can tell you that this is the best to time to take to the waters of Crystal Bay…never have we seen so many fish and sea creature there. The water is as beautiful as ever! Some guests headed out diving, some over to Penida for the day and some choose to just stay and swim and enjoy having Mushroom Bay to themselves.

On Sunday’s the funky The Coconut Hut is open so don’t miss out on a round of minigolf while you there. Every second Sunday there is also a community market held here where you see all the clever things being produced on the Island and meet some of the Lembongan locals. 

Exploring Paradise

We’ve made a list of some of the places open on Lembongan to make your stay a little easier (we will continue to update this). Like places in Bali, Lembongan is so thankful for your support during this time as they navigate their way through the craziness of 2020. One thing is for sure, the whole time we were there I couldn’t help thinking just how lucky we were to be able to explore such a piece of paradise and have it almost all to ourselves… as hard as 2020 has been (and seemingly continues), we remain thankful that this is where we are in the world!

We will for sure be back to visit Lembongan & Cenigan soon… for a look behind the scenes of our trip take a look at the Lembongan highlights reel on our Instagram account

UPDATE: Some clever Lembongan locals have put together this real time table to help you during your time on the Island to see what is open for business and when: https://lembongan.wavetrip.org/

These Businesses are now open in Lembongan

Package deals with boats & accommodation

Accommodation & Activities

You can search & book through The Lembongan Traveller or visit their office on the Island in Jungat Batu.


Food & Drinks in Lembongan

Hai Bar & Grill  (everyday – movie night on Saturday)

The Coconut Hut (every Sunday with a Community Market every second Sunday)

Kayu Lembongan (Friday & Saturday) 

Ginger & Jamu (open Wednesday to Sunday) 

Nick’s Place (open every day) 

Agung Beach Club (open every day) 

Agus Shipwreck (open every afternoon & evening)  

Lemongrass Bar & Restaurant (open every day) 

Oka Warung (open every day) 

Pondok Baruna Warung (open every day) 

Nyoman’s Warung (open every day) 

Linda Beach Resort (open every day)  

L Good Bar and Grill (open every day) 

Akah Cottage and Resto (open every day) 

Food & Drinks in Cenigan

Sea Breeze (open every day) 

Klyf Club (open every day) 

Chill and Grill Italian (open every day for lunch and dinner) 

Cenigan Resort 

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