Life Of An Intern – Bali Diary By Holly

Welcome to the Bali diary of Holly, an intern at Bali Buddies. On this page, I’ll take you on a journey and show you what’s the life of an intern in Bali is.

One of a Kind!

This photo below was taken during the first couple of days after landing in Bali!

My first job was to go to Trove Salon, which is a brand new hair and beauty lounge in Canggu where I got my hair and makeup done… yep… you read right my first JOB was to get my makeup and hair done. This is an internship which is definitely one of a kind!

Becoming Famous in Bali

Having the freedom we do as an intern here at Bali Buddies, we can go out and enjoy so many amazing cafes, lunch spots and all the most Insta worthy locations around Bali! This was a crazy moment for me Emi captured, whilst leaving the cafe a woman had recognised me from the reposts of pictures and videos on social media and asked me to wear one of her self made handbags to promote for her own business. This was the first time I’d be recognised through sharing the content created working with Bali Buddies and its a really cool feeling!!

Living the Dream

Being able to work wherever you are is one of the things which people only dream about… and I’m living it !!

This photo was taken in Ubud where we were staying at the most incredible 8 bedrooms Bumi Artura Villa by Nakula. As well as the stunning office views, when we go to shoot content for these places as a team, I get the incredible opportunity to talk to Karlie, the successful founder of Bali Buddies, who helps and guides me, teaching me everything I need to know about the industry. I’ve learnt so much and it’s only the beginning!

Itinerary Planner

Bali Buddies brand new Bali Itinerary Planner

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