Life Of An Intern – Bali Diary By Emi

Here you are, this is Emi’s diary, a peek in the life of what’s it’s like to be an intern at Bali Buddies. Scroll down and read some of my amazing experiences.

Loving it Already

It’s really cool when you work doing something that you really like and you can experience things which you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to without this incredible internship program! Even though this is just the beginning, I’m already in love with the ‘work’ we get to do… Bring on the next 6 months!

Introducing Slackline in Bali

I love to connect different modalities, especially with slackline (which I profession in) and being able to shoot amazing content in different locations for multiple businesses, both big and small, has given me the chance to show my sport to this world! And it is something which people believe has huge potential here in Bali… bringing something different to this community is something that this experience during my time within the internship can help grow and show to the world!

A Dream Opportunity

Being able to share this experience and learn so much with my girlfriend Holly is something that is hard to find. Most places won’t accept couples to work for them or even intern. But Karlie, the founder of Bali Buddies, allowed me and Holly to show how great of a team we are together, shining doing what we love, exploring and discovering new places whilst creating the best content for Bali Buddies’ clients and for Karlie.

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