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Life Of An Intern – Bali Dairy By Naufal

Life Of An Intern – Bali Dairy By Naufal

Hi, and welcome to my intern dairy. I’d love to share with you a peek into the life of an intern with Bali Buddies. Here are a few of the highlights of my first three months of interning:

Getting My Teeth Whitened

When it comes to tourism, people generally think of hotels, tours, tour guides and culture. They’re not wrong but, something like a teeth whitening company can also be part of the tourism industry, especially in Bali! As I have learnt, Australians love getting their teeth whitened in Bali since the cost is relatively cheaper than home.
This was my first ever experience in getting my teeth whitened, and it was something I never ever expected before the internship, especially not in the first month at least! It was an awesome and fun experience.

I also had fun talking with the manager who was half Dutch, half Indonesian. That gave me the impression already that Bali is really super multicultural, not just tourist wise, but business-wise also.

Naughty Nuris photo shoot; such a foodie haven.

You can find all sorts of cuisines that will cater to everyone’s different palette. Since restaurants and cafes are imperative for Bali’s tourism industry, one of my first tasks was to take photos of new menu items for a popular chain ‘Naughty Nuris‘. I was already an avid food photographer in my spare time. So, I was really excited to execute this mission. All in all, the pictures turned out amazing. It received a lot of positive comments on the posts, and I enjoyed reading how people react to it!

Sahana Villa Photoshoot

Villas and Bali are a match made in heaven. There are literally thousands of them all around Bali. This particular villa (Sahana Villas) was a special one, it was literally the birthplace of Bali Buddies. On this particular day, we had to do a photoshoot for 4/5 clients products’ and Sahana Villas was the stage for it. This was a first-hand experience for me, and I was fortunate that a situation like this came up during my internship. It was a hectic day. Models and professional cameramen were involved to make the day a success. In the end, we got to chow down on some sushi which was part of a client’s product.

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