How to see Uluwatu’s Famous Sunset Fire Dance

Enjoy a mesmerizing view on top of the cliff of Uluwatu while watching the extraordinary cultural drama performance, Kecak Dance. One of many must-do activities to put into your itinerary. Keep reading so that you know for sure that you are not missing anything in Bali!

Kecak Dance Performance Uluwatu

When visiting Bali, the Kecak Dance at sunset time in Uluwatu is a fun and interesting cultural activity to add to your itinerary. The Kecak Fire Dance is a traditional performance in the form of dance, drama, music and fire! Held in Uluwatu Temple which is sitting on top of a cliff facing the ocean at sunset time, the surroundings are spectacular. Instead of instruments, the music is performed by 60 bare-chested men. The drama is unfolded by dancers wearing the most beautiful costumes and masks, and the entire performance is so very captivating. The duration is 1 hour and the Kecak Dance surely makes for a perfect evening, still giving you time to catch a late dinner afterwards. We will fill you in on what you need to know before you go!


The Kecak Fire Dance takes place in Uluwatu, so it is easily combined with your other travel plans when visiting Uluwatu and the Bukit Peninsula. You can get to the temple by car or scooter and park your vehicle for a small price. The dance is performed at “Pura Uluwatu”, meaning Uluwatu Temple, located high up on a cliff, making the scenery and views spectacular. The location is perfect since you can explore the temple before the show, making the most of the experience!

Tickets and price

Tickets can be booked online or upon arrival and cost IDR 100k which is less than 7 USD, though some online booking companies might charge more. It is a good idea to buy the ticket online though since the show usually sells out each day. You also need to pay 50.000 IDR to enter the temple upon arrival and wear a sarong which is provided at the entrance. There are no shops once you enter the temple, so food and beverages have to be bought at one of the shops or restaurants outside before you enter. 

There are 2 shows every day, the first one starts at 6 PM and the next at 7 PM, and both shows allow you to catch beautiful sunset views. We recommend arriving 1 hour before your show. Even if you have bought a ticket in advance, be there ahead of time! If the 6 PM show sells out they will push you to the 7 PM show, even if your ticket says otherwise. But arriving early gives you time to stroll around the temple and enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean, which seems endless from the top of the cliff where the temple is located. If you want to get the best spots for the dance, you will need to stand in line at the entrance for a while as well. But you can see the show and the sunset clearly from every seat, so no worries if you don’t want to stand in line. 


Be aware!

Warning! Uluwatu temple is full of monkeys and they are not shy of people. Please do not bring hats, glasses or other easily removed items – the monkeys are big collectors of accessories! This also includes any food or drink that you brought with you. We saw many people losing their items to cheeky monkeys. But apart from their kleptomaniac tendencies, the monkeys are fun to observe and make walking around the temple entertaining.

Also, the performance takes place under the open sky, so it is a must to bring a raincoat or poncho during the rainy season.

The show itself

Kecak Performance

The best word to describe the Kecak Fire Dance is enchanting. While you’re watching the dance, listening to the chanting of the bare-chested men, enjoying the sunset and following the story that is performed, you will forget everything else around you. The story is a traditional Balinese episode taken from the “Ramayana Epic Poem” and includes many different characters, all dressed in the most beautiful costumes. You will get a folder with your ticket explaining the story, and it is super helpful to read this before watching the dance since you will be able to follow and understand the story.

We hope you are keen to experience the Kecak Fire Dance for yourself! Since it is located in beautiful Uluwatu, we recommend you spend the day exploring Uluwatu Beach, a nice beach club, a local restaurant or one of the many other things to do in Uluwatu. And please remember our tips when you go to the Kecak Dance and ENJOY!

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