Have a Real Balinese Experience at Kaura Bali in the Village of Karangasem

Have a vacation in a different way with Kaura Bali. Stay in a place where you could immerse within Balinese local culture with many activities offered, the eco-friendly ways!

Balinese Farming Tour Kaura Bali

One of the largest travel companies worldwide, Cross Hotels & Resorts, collaborates with Discova to bring the concept of sustainable tourism to life with the release of Kaura Bali. 

Located in the hills of Karangasem, Kaura Bali has worked with the villagers of Manggis to transform the whole hospitality experience in the area with its eco-friendly campsite. 

Bird's Eye View Kaura Bali

Initially, Kaura Bali started as a community project with Discova. From repairing a damaged irrigation pipe used for rice farming, the villagers of Manggis are now committed to bringing a community-based experience and taking guests to glimpse the village culture.

Manggis features sweeping terraces overlooking the fertile volcano hillside. And the crystal clear waters of the Java Sea enrich the region’s tropical paradise ambience. A truly perfect location to deliver self-sustaining retreats and life-changing travel experiences!

Hiking Tour Kaura Bali

Kaura Bali offers Balinese-style tents with green rice paddies as the backdrop, surrounded by scented herbs, organic vegetables, and tropical fruit orchards. Travellers will get to connect with nature and each other, as they hang out on hammocks near the hilltop fire pits. Chatting with the village elders over cold beers and refreshing cocktails will make your stay in Manggis unforgettable.

Bird's Eye View - Kaura Bali

Guests can immerse themselves in the breathtaking nature while enjoying the Bali sunrise over the yoga shala, relaxing in the infinity pool, or rejuvenating mind and body with Spa treatments. There are also lots of interesting and hands-on activities you can try during your stay, such as working in an organic farm and rice paddies, trekking, cycling, learning traditional cooking, and joining wellness workshops alongside the villagers.

If you want to experience the real Bali and engage in local communities to promote sustainable tourism, Kaura Bali is definitely for you!

Kaura Bali
Address: Manggis, Karangasem Regency, Bali
Instagram: @crosshotels
Tel: +62 812 39041414

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