Kudapan, John Hardy Kitchen’s New Take on Indonesian Snacks

Follow through the tasting journey where a rich culture blends with the finest local ingredients in the heart of Seminyak, carefully crafted by John Hardy’s culinary artisans, Kudapan serves you a unique taste with stories attached.

Kudapan Indonesian Snacks by John Hardy

Welcoming you to a new culinary experience, John Hardy Kitchen presents a set of Indonesian traditional-inspired snacks with a twist – Kudapan. Follow through the tasting journey where a rich culture blends with the finest local ingredients in the heart of Seminyak.

Carefully crafted by John Hardy’s culinary artisans, Kudapan serves you a unique taste with stories attached. From coconut-based cookies inspired by shared bites locals have during Lebaran, to Chinese-influenced jelly sweets, it is an informative and delicious afternoon tea experience to spend with your friends in lush surrounding of the John Hardy Boutique in Seminyak. 

Bulan, the moon-shaped biscuit dusted with refined sugar. by Kudapan

Your journey will start with “biskuit” made with coconut and sesame seeds, which is served with various toppings. Gula Aren is topped with Balinese palm sugar and chocolate for Tabanan, giving you the authentic local taste. Also, Bulan, the moon-shaped biscuit dusted with refined sugar is the classic cookie that lets you reminisce sweet memories from Lebaran.

You will then continue with the savory dishes, including a combination of street food classics, Balinese ceremony crackers, and the kitchen’s unique take on fish-based bites. Try the Ikan Arak, a tempura made with Arak (a Balinese distilled spirit) and local-grade tuna served with a special sauce. There’s also Kembang Goyang, a flower-shaped cracker usually found in a Balinese ceremony, but of course this has the John Hardy unique take on its delivery. 

Kembang Goyang Cracker by Kudapan

Finally, you’ll reach the last stop on the tasty road, Hung Kwee – traditional Chinese-influenced sweets made from mung bean flour. There are three options you can choose from: Asam Jawa with tamarind flavor, Classic homemade coconut cream, and the locals’ all-time favorite dessert Coklat Kacang. We suggest you try them all!

Kudapan is available every Friday – Sunday, 2 – 5 pm. It’s a lovely experience to add to your Bali stay and you’ll also get a chance to browse the John Hardy Jewelry collection while you are there. 

Book a table in advance to experience this unique culinary experience in Seminyak only at:

John Hardy Boutique & Gallery at Seminyak
Price: IDR 225,000++ per person
Jl. Raya Petitenget, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara Badung Bali 80361

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