Izzy Izakaya Street – Sushi, Sake & a Japanese Beer Garden in Sanur

Izzy Izakaya, the perfect place for those who are craving for Japanese dishes on the island! Serving you types of delicious sushi and ramen that absolutely wouldn’t disappoint your tastebuds!

Sushi Ladder at Izzy Izakaya Sanur

We are letting you in on one of our local Sanur secrets here, located on the bypass road you’ll find Izzy Izakaya Street – a beer garden filled with all of the Japanese specialities (food, drinks & dessert) that you could imagine. 

We love the space of this venue, excellent for large groups and has plenty of space (and even a playground) for kids to run around during your visit. There is lots of seating in the garden itself, and there is also enclosed restaurant seating towards the back. You can take your pick if you want to enjoy the more boisterous vibe outside with the live music, or a more intimate meal inside in the air-conditioned Sushi restaurant. 

Izzy Izakaya - Ikigai Restaurant Sushi

Throughout the garden, the cuisine is on show. Mini restaurants are set up, each specialising in its own dishes. Watch the talented Teppanyaki chefs slice, grill and juggle the most mouthwatering meats, seafoods and vegetables over the fire. You may even want to take a seat up close so you don’t miss the action. There is also a ramen restaurant, with many different flavours to choose from.  A bowl of steamy Ramen noodle soup is also on our order when we visit!

Izzy Izakaya - Garden

You’ll find Zensai & Kudamono, Agemono, Kushiyaki, and Warayaki, restaurants throughout the garden. Each with their own list of specialist dishes on the menu.

The sushi restaurant at the back is where you’ll find all of the freshest seafood on display and have a full view of the chefs meticulously preparing sushi and sashimi that is almost too pretty to eat! The sushi bridge is the best way to share a large range of the sushi menu. Not only does this bridge look impressive, the sushi itself is some of the best in Bali. Another recommendation from us is crispy sushi tacos, they have long been our favourite menu items! Deep fried Nori in the shape of a taco shell, filled with rice and different toppings….yum!!

The beauty of this set is that no matter where you sit in the venue, you can order from each and any of the restaurants, from one easily laid-out menu. We love the images in the menu which are helpful if you’re not quite sure what a dish is. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and happy to explain the dishes to you also. 

Desserts at Izzy Izakaya Sanur

A visit to Izzy Izakaya Street is like taking a little visit to Japan. Taste your way around the menu, and enjoy the Japanese beers, cocktails and sake, all while being in Sanur

TOP TIP: If you’re bringing the young ones, don’t miss their family Sundays where the kids can experience dressing in a Kimono and take part in lots of fun, family activities. 

Add this venue to your list for your next visit to Sanur, then come back and tell us your favourite dish!!

Izzy Izakaya Sanur

Address: Jalan Raya Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai No.274, Sanur, Denpasar Selatan, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80228
Website : This is Izzy
Instagram : @izzy.izakayastreet

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