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Internships In Bali; What’s It Like To Intern At Bali Buddies?

We love to share our knowledge on all things Bali & Digital Marketing and we take on regular interns throughout the year to do just that! If you’ve been wondering what it is like to be an intern with Bali Buddies, you can follow the journey of our current interns and what they get up to here. Scroll down and find out why internships in Bali are so much more fun with Bali Buddies.

If you are interested in applying for a Bali Internship with Bali Buddies you can do so here.
Our most important tip is to not travel to Bali without insurance, we hate reading about people who are meant to be having the time of their lives and it is turning into a financial nightmare for themselves and their families. Eliminate all the risks, so you can really enjoy your well-deserved holiday.


Naufal Hawari Internships in Bali on Bali Buddies

Naufal Hawari

Hi everyone! My name is Naufal Hawari, I am from Indonesia (specifically North Sumatera), but I was raised in Qatar ever since I was a kid. I pursued internships in Bali with Bali Buddies because being a recent tourism graduate student. I wanted to test both my theoretical and practical skills.Thus, I wanted to experience what it was like to work in a destination where it practically lives and breathes tourism such as Bali.

Interning at BaliBuddies was going to be a very active and people based job, meaning that I would be running around from place to place, and meeting a lot of clients. This was something I valued since I wasn’t seeking to be an office environment.

Holly May Williams

Hey!! My name is Holly May and im a sports and travel enthusiast, graduating with a travel and tourism management honours degree in 2018, originally from Cheshire, England but I spend a lot of time working around the world wherever the opportunities take me!

The reason for me deciding to do an internship with Bali Buddies was really simple for me. Being able to do what we love whilst exploring and travelling around the beautiful island of a Bali, using my degree and past experience to dive head first into new adventures, responsibilities and challenges is what I thrive for.

Wanting to start working within the content creating world this internship was the perfect help to broaden my knowledge and experience working with one of the biggest and the best tourism travel agencies in Bali, which has the best philosophy and work ethic best suited for me and Emi.

Also, being able to do this internship with my boyfriend (Emi) is a dream come true. Our dream career in our dream place, together.

Image of the forest by Justin Kauffman

Emiliano Hugo Gimenez

Hola! My names Emi Gimenez and im a professional slackliner from Argentina with a love for videography and photography and all things travel and culture.

The reason for me deciding to do an internship with Bali Buddies was firstly me and my girlfriend could do this together as a team, also it was the most perfect internship for me to progress and learn within the field I have a new passion for, content creation. Being a professional slackliner/acrobat having the chance to use my skills to bring that something different to Bali, which has never been seen or done before is so exciting.

By having the chance to work with the most incredible, well known and loved Bali Buddies, getting first hand experience of content creation and marketing from the best of the best is something dreams are made of. Also it is an amazing chance to grow my network and profile on one of the biggest and rising tourism locations in the world, Bali.