Shop up a Storm in Bali, and Ship it Home with IndoStyle!

Now, bringing home such unique pieces won’t be an issue anymore! Just let IndoStyle bring them to your doorstep. Simple and affordable!

When it comes to shopping sprees in Bali, it’s easy to get carried away but not so easy to carry it home. Some crafty folks do the Russian Babushka Doll trick where they put a suitcase in an empty suitcase, in an empty suitcase so they have plenty of space for their haul. Some people buy carry-on bags when they arrive for their purchases.

And who hasn’t had to carry the overflow from their suitcase as hand luggage? You might find things like homewares and arts and crafts that are just too precious to be transported with you on the plane. If all this sounds familiar to you, then stay with us because we have finally found the solution to overpriced excess baggage fees! Shopping with IndoStyle is the answer.

Homewares Shop

IndoStyle is an innovative company offering guided shopping trips and freight services from Bali to Australia, as well as other services that we think are going to be super valuable to our shopaholic friends. All you have to do is shop and IndoStyle will do the rest! 

Delivery by IndoStyle

Let’s start at the beginning. You have booked a trip to Bali and hope to spend some time cruising the streets for everything from art to furniture to homewares to fashion. But you aren’t too sure where to start to get the best quality at honest prices. IndoStyle wants to hear from you! They will take note of what you are looking for and meet you with a bespoke guided shopping tour. 

Why use IndoStyle?

  • They will take you to established sellers they have built relationships with over many years.
  • Although many shop owners have reasonable English, IndoStyle’s experienced shopping guide can also act as a translator and will double-check the invoices you receive as they may not be in English. 
  • The guide also has extensive knowledge of Australian customs and quarantine regulations.
  • Permits may be required for certain items. IndoStyle has immediate access to all permits required.
  • For highly fragile items, the IndoStyle team expertly package them up so they travel as safely as possible.
  • Although you may be tempted to organise shipping by yourself or with a store owner offering lower prices, usually this will not include clearance costs, port charges, storage costs, quarantine, inspection costs, fumigation, GST and import duties. Indostyle offers a single fee that covers all costs until your purchases reach your doorstep in Australia.

From a cubic meter to a whole container, IndoStyle is a great option for home renovators who want to ​​tiles, taps, baths, pavers, furniture, Javanese doors, flooring, decking, art and soft furnishings for a fraction of Australian prices. 

Or maybe you have always wondered about importing Indonesia’s famous craft goods for sale in a shop, market stall or to use for a party planning business. Now you have the chance to explore that business idea of yours. IndoStyle is the go-to for more than just shopaholics. 

All of your goods will arrive on your doorstep, completely fuss-free. They will even handle the dreaded paperwork! 

Reach out to IndoStyle here 

Happy shopping!!

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