In The Spotlight: Makan Place

Aside from the beautiful beaches, Bali is just brimming with culinary delights – both local and international. This is especially true around Legian Beach, one of the most popular spots in all of Bali. And if you’re asking about where to eat first, Makan Place should be right on top of the list.

With bamboo accents and touches of color and patterns all over the place, Makan Place is the place to visit if you want a mix of Asian and Western cuisines. Because the restaurant is found right by the busy streets of Legian, it also gives you a feel of the local vibe.

In the Spotlight - Makan Place Bali

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Makan Place: The Menu

Makan Place’s extensive menu offers everything from pasta and pizza to fish and meat. They also have a breakfast menu and a long list of beverages.

But if there’s one thing that would be considered a bestseller, it’s gotta be the Balinese Crackling Pork Knuckle. One whiff of the golden brown slab of knuckle on the table, and you’ll know immediately that it’s cooked to perfection. The skin is crispy enough to easily bite through, while the meat inside is soft and juicy. It also has the perfect balance in terms of flavour – it’s tasty enough to make your mouth water but not overly seasoned, and it becomes overwhelming.

Other favourites on the menu include the nasi goreng, the Indonesian food platter, and the Balinese-style pizza. Their cocktails also come highly recommended.

Makan Place: The Service

Balinese people are known as hospitable and friendly. The vast number of digital nomads in the area can be considered proof that living among the locals won’t be a problem.

That said, it’s not surprising that customers gush about the amazing service they get from the staff at Makan Place. Most reviews you’ll see not only talk about how good the food is but also about how friendly and attentive the servers are.

The bar area is an especially popular place to hang out, even for solo travellers looking for a spot to watch some sports on TV or just sip a cold drink.

To see more of what to expect at Makan Place, watch this video:

Spotlight on Makan Place

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