In The Spotlight: John Hardy Workshop

Touring the Kapal Bamboo Boutique is a unique experience, with beautiful handcrafted jewellery on display throughout the sustainably-built structure that showcases local architecture as well. Join us for a video walkthrough of John Hardy’s Workshop in Bali.

Aside from the beautiful beaches, the picturesque landscape and the majestic temples, Bali is also known for the rich arts and culture scene. Every Balinese piece shows a unique profile that’s truly Asian, but still stands out from other Asian cultures.

That’s why if you truly wanna feel the essence of Bali, a visit to the John Hardy Workshop and the Kapal Bamboo Boutique in Mambal is something you can’t miss.

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John Hardy’s Artisan Collective

One of the most prized forms of art in Bali is jewellery-making. Each piece made in Bali carries the culture that makes the region a magnet for global adventurers. 

It’s this side of Bali that John Hardy’s artisan collective wishes to embody. 

Founded in 1975, John Hardy has become a haven where people can witness the delicate art of handcrafting jewellery. The John Hardy Workshop & Kapal Bamboo Boutique remains one of the biggest local employers in Bali, providing opportunities to locals not just to provide for their families but also to help them preserve secrets and techniques that have been passed down for centuries.

John Hardy has two locations – Seminyak and Mambal. Although the Seminyak location has a boutique of its own as well as a restaurant serving local delicacies, it’s the Mambal venue that provides an engaging artisanal experience to guests.

Experience Balinese Art Firsthand at John Hardy

Touring the Kapal Bamboo Boutique is a unique experience, with beautiful handcrafted jewellery on display throughout the sustainably-built structure that showcases local architecture as well. The boutique also highlights the story behind each piece, but if guests want to have a deeper understanding of the artistry, it’s best to witness the actual creative process.

This is where the Artisan Workshop comes in. Here, guests can observe how local artisans craft every single piece and personally witness the love and passion they pour into the work of their hands.

Guests can also see what kind of creativity can flow through their own hands if they participate in a masterclass where local artisans guide them through the jewellery-making process.

A Long History of Balinese Jewelry Making

John Hardy may have been in the business for almost three decades, but Bali has always been known to be home to some of the best goldsmiths and silversmiths in the world. Some say that the gods passed on the craft to the Balinese people. But historically, the locals have been crafting jewellery as early as the Bronze Age.

Since then, fathers and mothers have taught their sons and daughters the ancient secrets that set Balinese jewellery apart. It is this tradition that keeps the culture alive today.

To have a better view of what to expect at John Hardy, watch this video:

Spotlight on John Hardy

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