Immerse in Local Culture through Volunteering in Bali

Are you looking for an activity to spice up your experience? Volunteering can be your choice! Experience the Balinese culture from an entirely different perspective than you would when visiting as a tourist or working here as a nomad. 

Volunteers cleaning the beach

Bali is by all means a travellers paradise with endless beauty and opportunity, and what better way to experience the island than through volunteering? Volunteering in Bali is guaranteed to be a fulfilling experience that will leave you with memories for life. There are some things to consider though before embarking on a volunteering experience in Bali.

Why volunteer?

Where should we start? Volunteering in Bali is a great way to spend your time for multiple reasons!

  • You get to experience the Balinese culture from an entirely different perspective than you would when visiting as a tourist or working here as a nomad. 
  • You make a difference. The help you provide to children, local communities, the environment or wildlife will affect the island and its people in such positive ways.
  • You will learn new skills and have an outstanding experience to add to your CV – it is a win-win!

Where to start when you’re ready to volunteer in Bali

If you are already keen on volunteering in Bali, you’re probably looking for a good and trustworthy company to do it with. And there is a variety of good options for you! But a company that we have worked with for many years and can highly recommend is Bali Internships. They are a local agency specializing in giving you the opportunity to experience working and studying in Indonesia while engaging yourself with the local community.

We’ve witnessed first-hand how helpful and supportive they are to their interns and volunteers, and you can expect them to help you every step of the way.

Before you come to Bali


Your volunteer program provider will help you get the appropriate visa depending on the length of your stay. This is the most important step, coming in on the correct visa that allows you to volunteer is critical to ensure that you are covered legally and by your insurance. Typical tourist visas do not cover you to legally volunteer in Indonesia. 

To find more information about entering Bali click here for the latest updates.

Vaccinations and insurance

These are not required, but something you want to look into before going to Bali, so your mind is at ease while travelling. 
For further tips to prepare yourself for a trip of a lifetime, visit our checklist.

What volunteer opportunities are available in Bali?

Nature and Wildlife Conservation

Are you passionate about the environment and prepared to make a difference? Then it would be a perfect opportunity for you to join one of the many volunteer opportunities in this field. Bali is a tropical island and so is the wildlife, and volunteer projects vary from turtle conservation to scuba diving for coral reef restoration. How cool is that?!

Scuba Dive Volunteer for Coral Reef Restoration Program


For this program, no prior experience with scuba diving is expected. You will partake in the restoration of the crucial coral reefs that support approximately 25% of marine species. 


  • Cleaning and attaching corals to structures
  • Protecting corals from their predators
  • Underwater and beach clean-ups
  • Assisting with social media and documentation
  • …and much more!

“The sense of belonging of the team was natural, diving in Pemuteran, Bali, is an experience I will never forget and I am happy I have made this decision” – Ben, Belgium
Find out more here.


Taking care of children in need is a direct way of influencing someone’s life in such a positive way! Doing a program like this immerses you in the culture and local life here in Bali. And you get to hang out with cute children, yay!

Volunteer in Jimbaran Children’s Home


In this home, 13 children are given the opportunity for a better future, which you help give them by volunteering. 


  • Babysitting/daycaring for babies and toddlers
  • House chores
  • Help the children with homework, English lessons and activities
  • …and more!

“It is amazing how travelling while being a volunteer, could teach you how to be a better person, for yourself and for others” – Anastasia, Germany

Find out more here.


Since Bali is growing as a tourist destination and becoming more and more dependent on tourism, knowing the English language along with other useful skills is critical for the local people. Teaching children is a very meaningful way to spend your time, and the skills of teaching and communication will stick with you forever.

Volunteer teaching in an NGO Pre-School in Kerobokan, Bali

Volunteering at School


Volunteer as a co-teacher in this program to help children with educational needs in developing areas.  


  • Supporting, assisting and co-teaching in English subjects
  • Tutoring children
  • A playful approach to teaching English like drawing, singing, playing etc.
  • …and more!

“This experience of being a volunteer as a teacher has solidified my choice to work with children and make a difference in their lives” – Katie, UK

Find out more here.

Price of a volunteer project

Most volunteer programs in Bali come with a fee. But you can feel comfortable knowing that the money goes towards maintaining the programs while hiring local staff and supporting local communities. 

The fee covers basic accommodation near the volunteer program, placement coordination and assistance. You might be staying with other volunteers too, which is great for socializing and meeting like-minded people! So even though there is a fee to be paid, it will definitely be worth it. If you choose to work with Bali Internships, the fee also covers things like airport pickup, visa assistance, contact person and support, introduction and much more, which are things that can be challenging or unmanageable to do by yourself.

What to expect

Free time

Your chosen volunteer program will give space for multiple days off during the week. This allows you to explore other areas of the island and indulge in the island’s beauty. What about a day trip to visit breathtaking waterfalls, a weekend on Nusa Penida or sunsets and a night out at the best beach clubs? You can read about our recommendations for the areas of Bali, giving you the possibility of experiencing the best of Bali while giving back to the Island and its people.


The accommodation is likely to be included in your volunteer program, and therefore you should not expect too much from it. Most budget accommodations are fairly primitive, yet have everything you need. And it is a part of the full experience! Though, if you are willing to spend a little more on accommodation, there are great yet affordable options for that too.


For getting around Bali during your time off we recommend you rent a scooter (if you are fully licensed and insured to do so) or use Grab Ride to get a ride on the back of a bike with a fully licensed and insured rider. Getting around Bali by scooter is way faster than travelling by car,  and it’s also more practical for a solo traveller than by any other form of transportation! Renting or booking rides is super through the Grab app, which is a must-have app for anyone visiting Bali. 

Learn more

To learn more about the different volunteer programs, go to Bali Internships website to read the former volunteers’ experiences with each individual program. It’s really moving to read about what a great impact these program has had on the volunteers.

Why do we love Bali so much?

❤️ Friendly locals

❤️ Tropical and warm weather all year round

❤️ Beautiful nature and beaches

❤️ Inexpensive for foreigners 

❤️ Unique atmosphere


Whether you are looking for an experience for yourself, a family member, a friend or someone else – volunteering sure is a very meaningful experience that will have a great impact, both for the organization and the volunteer. We sure can’t think of a more purposeful trip during a gap year or a long vacation!

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